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I know Copart has been discussed here in the distant past. I follow them on Facebook and the sheer variety of cars that they auction are unbelievable. The amount that are "unrecorded damage" is also staggering.

Now I get the argument that insurance companies will "write off" cars quicker now due to the price that they can get for damaged vehicles. People are paying high prices for damaged cars as they can then get replacement parts at much cheaper costs that main dealers because... welll.... there is a huge market in stolen cars getting stripped down for parts. I was just reading today that the thieves have now came up with a more advanced version of the "relay theft" in that they can now remotely access the ECU of some cars from outside the car.

There are also reports of many vehicles being stripped in situ now - folk coming back to their vehicles to find full front ends have been unbolted and removed.

So stolen and recovered undamaged - sold through Copart
Damaged and not recorded - sell through Copart
Damaged and various "Category" definitions - sell through Copart for spare parts if needed.

Kind of ironic that insurance companies are selling damaged cars through Copart knowing that the parts needed from them will probably come from other insured cars that are stolen to order for the parts.

But it must be worth it for all concerned? Just the punter losing out?

And on similar subject, I also follow "Dodgy Cars" on facebook - they regularly post info on crashed cars that have subsequently been repaired and then sold on. Most of these do not appear as any "category " definition. And would be surprised at how many of them seem to turn up on Evans Halshaw forecourts!

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