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The country and the caravan. We are back in Wales for a week in the Basecamp, just on the edge of Rhossili, which ranks up there with Woolacombe when it comes to simply stunning beaches, with just me, Mrs Z and the two Zee dogs on a gazzilion acres of deserted beach, gentle wavelets and glorious sunshine yesterday evening, aided by a Pino Spritzer and pint of lager on a terrace overlooking the bay after.

Love Wales, the weather is always good to me there (unlike Cornwall) Mrs Z is relaxed and happy in the areas of her childhood, and despite the sheep is dog friendly (to those who who are taught how to behave round livestock anyway)

The Youngest Zee dog - Nessa - is back in the country of her birth, and for a laugh will be going to be photographed at Barry Island (her breeder called her sugar tits, for those who get the Nessa / Barry island joke)

Busy time for the CCV, Last weekend it was in Huntingdonshire for a weekend, away this week in wales, and then in two weeks time off to Plymouth for a dog show and then a week near Dartmouth.

Even the beemer was happy tootling along the M4 at 59mph giving me a healthy 22 mpg, as opposed to the miserable 17mpg at 66 when towing.
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