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 Energy generation stats - smokie
This is so much clearer than the National Grid version!

Fossil fuel use seems to have halved over the past year, which is good.

And right now we are using 60% renewables, even better!!

 Energy generation stats - sooty123
That's over 10 years not one.
 Energy generation stats - smokie
So it is :-) Still, all heading in the right direction (though maybe a small upswing over the last 12 mths)
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 Energy generation stats - Crankcase
Horribly intriguing. I'd never heard of the Isle of Grain, either, so that's a win for today.
 Energy generation stats - sooty123
There's quite a few interconnectors, I think there's another one being built to Denmark. I guess it's a way to sell the increasing amounts of wind power.
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