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 US Court Stops health workers start new job - zippy
USA of course, but what happens there often happens here a few years later.

This is a really odd ruling and almost seems like an employer can prevent you resigning and working elsewhere.

I suspect (and hope) a higher court will over-rule it, but it's extra costs for the workers involved.

And given that the litigant is a healthcare company (hospital group) and the Govt wants to privatise the NHS, this could come here as many US companies are interested in bidding for contracts.

My interest, specifically is that I and my current team moved together to a new employer a decade ago and considering that my existing employer back then, denied repeatedly that I had ever worked for them in the 10 years prior to that when asked for a reference that almost meant that my offer was rejected, I wouldn't put it past them trying something like this.
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 US Court Stops health workers start new job - sooty123
I can't see any read across to the UK, employment law in states/federal cases are different to here.
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