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 Internet Explorer users: Browser choice - smokie
Microsoft have issued a Windows update which will result in a Browser Ballot for any users who have Internet Explorer as their default browser. Apparently those with other browsers will not see the message.

There is plenty about it if you search, but it is neatly summed up here

Worth a read so that you know what it's about when it pops up on your screen.
 Internet Explorer users: Browser choice - L'escargot
It pops up on my screen and I can't see how to get rid of it other than by installing one of the browsers offered. However, I already have IE8 and I don't want any of the others, and (at the moment) I'm loath to click on the "Install" button for IE8 in case there's a conflict with the IE8 which I already have. It's not possible to remove update KB976002. I've clicked on the "Tell me more" button for IE8 and it says that no additional steps are needed. What do you suggest/recommend I do to get rid of it?
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 Internet Explorer users: Browser choice - Fenlander
It first popped up here late last night. I forget what I did to make it go away but it was just to click close or something I guess. I did worry it was a scam as I'd not heard any publicity. I think I had to click to confirm I was connected to the internet to get a second screen before closing. It didn't come up this morning when I started the PC.
 Internet Explorer users: Browser choice - Pat
I previously had IE8 and went back to IE7 but I had this screen pop up this morning and have clicked on IE8 ( there wasn't an option to stay with IE7)
It so far seems to be working well and hasn't found any of the issues on this forum as it did when it kept 'hanging' on HJ.

 Internet Explorer users: Browser choice - rtj70
>> as it did when it kept 'hanging' on HJ.

Bit of irony there...
 Internet Explorer users: Browser choice - LEDFoot
I myself experienced the 'hanging' effect over 'there' but I think it was mostly due to the ads. Oversaturation in my opinion. Here seems a lot lighter, at the moment at least and I'm not complaining. Personally I favour firefox but that's probably a can of worms we should leave closed in this thread :)
 Internet Explorer users: Browser choice - Fenlander
IE8 was rubbish for me on loadsof site when it first auto installed. I went back to IE7 within days and still have it. May take a chance on IE8 again if it seems OK to most folks.... unless anyone can say why I should choose one of the others.
 Internet Explorer users: Browser choice - car4play
We don't use any of the Microsoft browsers in normal use. We do have to perform a groan check against them though. One of those "stick your head in hands and wonder what awful things it will do with your site". Unless you are on a company computer which has been locked to certain applications I can't see why anyone would want to use a Microsoft browser when there is so much choice for the free offerings out there. The only exception are sites where they make use of Active X components to deliver extra functionality (e.g. video cams, virtual consoles and so on).

IE 8 is better than the rest, but we can spend up to 3 x longer on sites just getting the look right for the other IE browsers. IE7 seems to be the buggiest by a long way. It just does some crazy things for no reason at all. One site we had lost some images on an area of the site when you moused over another completely different image. There was no connection in code or anything. Just a bug in the silly browser. (In the bug tracking sites I think they called it something like the peekaboo image hover bug). We never tracked down what it was doing wrong and none of the reported fixes worked. We have another one now - again in IE7 - just today where it is doubling up scrollbars on a floating window - after clicking on another non-related part of the page. It's ok on relatively simple pages, but once there are a load of things going on it just doesn't play ball very well.

So having wasted hours and hours on that particular browser's foibles it isn't our best friend. We would like it to just crawl away into a hole. It's only because so many of you are using it that guys like us have to waste time getting things to work on it.

.. so you could all please us by taking Microsoft's advice and installing another browser.
All the others play ball nicely, so we don't care if it is Opera, Chrome, Safari or Firefox; anything but one from Redmond.
 Internet Explorer users: Browser choice - Dog
>>> so you could all please us by taking Microsoft's advice and installing another browser <<<

I use IE8 with no problemo whatsover, I did have probs on HJ at the same time as most other 4players, so I now have Opera - just in case!
 Internet Explorer users: Browser choice - L'escargot
It's gone now. I don't know why, but on the other hand I don't care!
 Internet Explorer users: Browser choice - Pat
It's still working fine for me now fenlander, they must have tweaked it.

 Internet Explorer users: Browser choice - Stuartli
The message is supposed to disappear after first use.

However, to avoid such problems it's much wiser to ensure that WindowsUpdate is configured to inform you that Updates are available but not to Install them.

By doing this you can choose, via Custom, to select exactly which updates you feel are required and to tick the box Not to Inform You of Unselected updates before downloading those that are needed.
 Internet Explorer users: Browser choice - VxFan
>> The message is supposed to disappear after first use.

It appeared 3 days running when I booted up my deskop pc. I wouldn't mind, but two of the suggested browers I already use anyway.
 Internet Explorer users: Browser choice - rtj70
I still cannot update the work laptop to anything newer than IE6! We still have web applications we all need to use that do not like IE7 or IE8.... we are an IT company :-(
 Internet Explorer users: Browser choice - Zero
my ex IT company was also stuck on IE6. we ended up with multiple browsers for multiple things.
 Internet Explorer users: Browser choice - Zero
It does not check to see what browsers you have, it was never designed that way, but only tell you what choices you have. If you dont hide the update it will keep whining its there.

I have both my win7 and vista machines to notify updates, not auto install, as stuartli says.
 Internet Explorer users: Browser choice - Stuartli
Slight correction to earlier posting, which should read:

"Not to Inform You Again of Unselected Updates".

The web browser choice offering harks back to Microsoft's tussle with the EU over the installation of IE by Default.
 Internet Explorer users: Browser choice - ....
Is this a UK only thing ?

We run three machines at home, one XP, two Vista, all running IE7.

I read somewhere XP was supposed to be first sometime late Feb. with Vista following early March. All our machines are up-to-date with patches but have not seen this on any of them yet.
 Internet Explorer users: Browser choice - Zero
Its a europe only thing.

What I dont know is how they decide who is in europe only, by chosen keyboard code page and local settings I suppose.
 Internet Explorer users: Browser choice - ....
I'm in Germany with a German IP address.
Two of the machines have German OS, the other is Swedish.
 Internet Explorer users: Browser choice - MD
Use SRWare Iron. Job done.

 Internet Explorer users: Browser choice - Iffy
On the subject of browsers, when I navigate around a site, IE8 makes the laptop make a distinct 'click', as if a little relay is operating.

Doing the same navigation using Firefox is silent.

Both browsers work OK, but I've been wondering for a while why Explorer clicks.
 Internet Explorer users: Browser choice - Zero
Its a design feature. its suposed to be cool.
 Internet Explorer users: Browser choice - ....
This patch arrived for XP this morning. Upgraded to IE8 from IE7 and...the Skype plug-in does not work now.

Kewel ! Something else for me to update/fix.
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 Internet Explorer users: Browser choice - MD
Read what I said a few posts above. It may do you some good. It works for me. Faultless so far. Firefox can go away. Had enough of their crap.

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 Internet Explorer users: Browser choice - ....
I tried Firefox a few weeks ago. Found it painfully slow when customised and everything seems to be an Add-on.

I liked Opera but then there were a few sites I use which didn't render properly. Microsoft have their faults, as we all know, but at least you know if there is a major problem they will respond.
How likely is that with the others and how quickly will they respond ?

I've started to compare browsers with car radios. The standard manufacturer unit may not be perfect but at least it works with the other integrated parts of the car, sat-nav, steering wheel buttons, phones etc.
How likely is an aftermarket unit going to work or fit without some extra work/cost ?
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 Internet Explorer users: Browser choice - henry k
>>Microsoft have their faults, as we all know, but at least you know if there is a major problem they will respond.
My only dealings with UK & USA I found them completely and uterly useless.
Tried the UK. Useless!
Ist (non Teck) response from the USA I did not understand.
2nd I did understand, in effect we do not deal with limeys. Well I am contacting you cos the UK is not good. Response was, talk to the UK.
I gave up.
 Internet Explorer users: Browser choice - Iffy
I did get a 'Microsoft answer' from some forum or other a while ago.

There are that many users, it seems to me answers to a lot of queries are available, but not direct from Microsoft.

Hotmail's own customer service team is also useless, as is Vodafone's - in my experience.

 Internet Explorer users: Browser choice - smokie
It seems to me that many large corps don't employ staff at the front line who can solve consumer problems. In technology, the answer is usually reload or reboot or reformat. That was even true in my previous company, in the computer industry. If you had a problem with your computer, first step was to reload it rather than try to diagnose what was wrong, then fix it. To be fair, it often worked, but usually at massive inconvenience to the user, who had to recover/restore all links, shortcuts etc etc.

Without doubt, the most reliable support info is often found on the internet, so long as you can sort the wheat from the chaff. In Microsoft's case, there are forums/newsgroups inhabited by Microsoft-authorise but not employed professionals. But usually they have a fairly blinkered view.
 Internet Explorer users: Browser choice - Stuartli
This is the forums link I believe smokie means:

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