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 BT Infinity Broadband Opinions - rtj70
Anyone on here got the new BT Infinity Broadband (Fibre to Cabinet). I am debating whether to go with Virgin Media again for TV, phone, broadband (we had excellent service) but the faster upload speed on BT Infinity would be very useful.

Since it's new then I don't know many with it. The new house could have this service. So upto 40Mbit/s download and upto 10Mbit/s upload. In reality it might be closer to 20Mbit/s download.

Distance to the cabinet is key here - the link back to the exchange is fibre optic. Similar to VM's approach but using VDSL instead of DOCSIS modems. And he existing coax phone cable to the home instead of the coax cable.
 BT Infinity Broadband Opinions - rtj70
So if I got for this I assume I am an early adopter... I will report back. Or I could opt for Virgin Media again. But the upto 10Mbit/s upload speed looks useful.
 BT Infinity Broadband Opinions - smokie
"...upto 10Mbit/s upload speed looks useful"

Can't think of many uses except running a server/peer to peer stuff, both of which are dodgy under T&Cs or law aren't they?

I have Virgin 20mb and it's quite quick enough for me, but I'd like to try the 50mb.
 BT Infinity Broadband Opinions - rtj70
I've recently got a NAS. If I work from home I wonder how well I can stream media to wherever I am. I also have a lot of ISOs of software for work (MS, ca, etc.) and sometimes it would be useful to have access to all ISOs I have at home. And maybe some VMs too.

I could just go for Virgin Media again and might (had excellent service for broadband for nearly 10 years now). I might be able to get 50Mbit/s VM broadband plus phone and TV for less than my planned packages. But we want to get our old BT phone number back for one.

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 BT Infinity Broadband Opinions - rtj70
It looks like I'll be the first on here to get BT Infinity - we complete on the house next week.

I am told the download speed will be 22Mbit/s (so possibly quicker) with upload at 9Mbit/s. It is the latter that will be useful to me. And yes I do mean upload of 9Mbit/s. Remote control of remote systems will be a little better but copying install files/media to remote systems will certainly be better.
 BT Infinity Broadband Opinions - rtj70
Well we got BT Infinity installed. The actual cabinet is closer than I thought so I am getting around 35-38Mbit/s download and 8Mbit/s upload. This is the first day of the service and the upload speed is probably going to increase over the next day or two. Download may get closer to the 40Mbit/s limit too. Technically VDSL2 is capable of upto 100Mbit/s.

Is it fast... yep. Not tried uploading anything much although did copy XP SP3 to a server environment over VPN for work.

But when this was first installed and running my download speed was..... 200Kbit/s! Turns out the old 'star' wiring of phone lines in homes plays havoc and removing connections on the junction box in the cellar fixed it. I wonder how poor ADSL was for the previous owners of this house ;-)
 BT Infinity Broadband Opinions - Redviper

>> Can't think of many uses except running a server/peer to peer stuff, both of which
>> are dodgy under T&Cs or law aren't they?
peer to peer (p2p) in itself is not illegal. It's the content that is uploaded/downloaded that can fall foul of copyright law
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