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 Toshiba Laptop Battery - Arctophile
The battery in my 3 year old Toshiba laptop is not long for this life. It now barely lasts 30min on a full charge, down from the 2 - 3 hours when new.

A genuine Toshiba replacement from Amazon is priced at £250 - getting on for the price of a new laptop. Unbranded versions are available for about £40.

Has anyone experience of using these unbranded batteries?
Are they safe?
Where is the best place to buy?
 Toshiba Laptop Battery - smokie
Bought mobile phone replacement batteries through eBay and they've usually been OK, and a lot cheaper. You can't even be sure that the manufacturer's own batteries are safe (old news I know...)!!
 Toshiba Laptop Battery - Iffy
I bought an unbranded larger capacity battery for the Eee PC which has worked OK.

Cost around £40.

The branded replacement is not a lot more, but is only available in standard capacity.

Seems to me no laptop battery lasts long, so three years is not too bad.

One tip is to remove the battery if you're running on mains for any length of time.

Do I bother? Nope.

 Toshiba Laptop Battery - Statistical Outlier
Give Toshiba a ring - my laptop warranty was extended to 3 years for free when I registered the warranty (although I didn't realise that).

I claimed last year, rang on Monday night to enquire about repair costs: "you're still under warranty". Laptop collected on Tues morn, returned good as new on Thursday morn about 9 am. No charge. I was impressed!
 Toshiba Laptop Battery - Arctophile
Ah, if only... The laptop was purchased on 3rd Feb 2007 so I'm just outside the 3 years.

Looking at my records there was no mention of a warranty extension when I registered it with Toshiba anyway. I purchased it from John Lewis who did provide a two year warranty instead of the standard Toshiba one year.
 Toshiba Laptop Battery - Zero
Batteries are not covered under extended warranties. There classed in the PC industry as a consumeable.
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