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 Router and IP addresses - R.P.
New Router on the way after the other one suffered a slight accident (!) Does a new router generate a new ISP address or is this fixed by the ISP ?
 Router and IP addresses - Zero
Your IP address will be assigned to you when you power on and it connects to your ISP

(unless you have a rare "fixed ip" type of account - you will know if you have, because you will have asked for it)
 Router and IP addresses - smokie
...and your local devices will probably be OK as they are probably set up to use DHCP, which means they get their own IP addresses from the router. But it's conceivable that the new router isn't set to to serve DHCP (they usually are, out of the box) or you may have a device which has a static IP - which, if it isn't the same subnet as the router, will fail to join the network.

Some routers have subnets of 192.168.1.xx abd some have 192.168.1.xx

So, if you have probs with anything not wanting to join the network that's probably the cause.
 Router and IP addresses - R.P.
I've kept the old one so if it all goes horribly wrong I'll switch back.
 Router and IP addresses - spamcan61
>> Some routers have subnets of 192.168.1.xx abd some have 192.168.1.xx
should one of those read 192.168.0.xx ? ( that's what Netgear seem to use)

Some seem to have ISP dependant default security enabled as well, assuming we're talking wireless ones here.

 Router and IP addresses - R.P.
It's wireless !
 Router and IP addresses - smokie you will have to set up your wireless security again - wep key or whatever.

And yes, one should have been 192.168.0.xx, thx for spotting.
 Router and IP addresses - spamcan61
I set up a Netgear DG834G v5 for some friends the other day, this has significantly more functionality than my v3, including a switch on the side which basically auto-configures the wireless network, including security. How it handles new devices added to the network I'm not sure yet.
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