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 .pages file - bathtub tom
I've been sent a compressed zip file that contains a .pages file. Any clues how I open it please? It seems to have been created on an Apple device. I've googled it and none of the suggestions of converting it to a word doc, or saving as a docx or PDF are available.
 .pages file - T junction
Yes Pages is the bundled word processor that comes with a mac. Do you have an iPhone or iPad? Pages is available from the app store for both those devices. Otherwise it is back to whoever sent you the document and ask them to export it as a Word file, or anyone else who has a mac that you trust can do it for you.
 .pages file - bathtub tom
Thanks, this is an Apple free house. I'll contact the sender.
 .pages file - zippy

(Lots of annoying popups but includes instructions on how to open them)
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>>This is an Apple free house

This is a Pink Lady owse.
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