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 Facebook hack recovery? - smokie
Has anyone had their FB hacked and managed to recover it? It's happened to my daughter today and none of the suggested recovery methods have worked.

Seems FB is uncontactable.

The first thing was she got an email ostensibly (we think genuine) from FB saying here is the password change code you requested. She didn't follow any links from that mail. She was already browsing FB and it said she needed to login again but couldn't (her email address was not linked to an account).

So they changed her email address, initially just replacing the suffix with .in.

The recommended other option is to log in using your mobile number but she hadn't configured that in her account. Another way is to do it through a friends account. She's tried all methods we can find but they have all failed

We can't find any way to contact FB support. The email address has now been changed entirely, all of the options which FB gives to recover your account because she's been logged out of al devices and the email is changed. FB posts have started to be posted e.g. saying your got a new Tesla with your Bitcoin success.

We could really do with stopping it.
 Facebook hack recovery? - smokie
Well a day and a lot more research on and we're no further forward. Tried calling them and has sent some mails and, I think, tweeted them - all to no avail so far.

She's not so bothered about her data loss and intrusion as I might have been, but more annoyed about how such a large organisation can effectively just shrug off this kind of problem.

I did ask her how much she was paying for the service which didn't go down well, but I do think she has a point. As we all (hopefully) know their algorithms are making big money form harvesting our data and snooping into our lives and they really ought to take a bit of responsibility.

For ages I've been thinking about closing off my social media accounts (particularly FB and LinkedIn) as I don't actively use either, and only log on to FB once a week or less, LinkedIn even less, but each time I think about doing it I realise there is stuff I'd miss out on - odd bits of news and stuff from family and friends which I otherwise wouldn't get. However this has brought me closer to removing them.
 Facebook hack recovery? - zippy
Sorry to hear that your daughter's FB account got hacked. Execution is too good for them.

I would suggest that she lets as many people as possible know as we see a lot of frauds at work from people sending money to FB friends who's accts have been hacked.

On a tangent, work insist we have LinkedIn. I don't do social media so I have refused. They insist on users posting work created good news stories.

One guy at work is a Jehovahs Witness and references to it are on his LinkedIn. To my knowledge he has never mentioned his faith at work.

This was mentioned at work by a director, along the lines of "oh I see you're a JW".

He successfully sued them for processing his data, even though it is publicly accessible. Just looking it up is processing it apparently.

Because the comment made was about a protected characteristic he got an £8k payout.
 Facebook hack recovery? - smokie
She's not managed to get her account back yet, despite trying every (sensible) suggestion she could find.

It's still live, initially there was a post about the new Tesla she'd bought with her Bitcoin success but now there are pics of a fruity young lady who seems obsessed with taking scantily clad pics of herself.

The account has been being actively monitored by someone, which surprised me as I thought it'd be a bot, but other daughter has been in communication with them, as have others, until he/she eventually blocks them.

Nothing is compromised by the hack as far as we can tell. She has lost loads of pics and had a load of friends on there who she has no other means of communicating with, and the whole business has been hard work and quite stressful for her. I'd like to see some kind of reply to her various contacts with Facebook. Seems to me that they are shirking responsibilities to some degree, even though it's a "free" service.
 Facebook hack recovery? - smokie
In the last 30 mins the Instagram and FB accounts have disappeared. Could be Meta taking some action?
 Facebook hack recovery? - smokie
Previous message was erroneous, they've not disappeared.

Today they posted one of her memories (10 year I think) on her timeline. I'm surprised how much work is going into it.

Today she has also started changing her bank, not really because she thinks it's compromised but she's got more than a bit paranoid.

Other daughter has started trying to close unused online accounts (mainly retailers but other too). She didn't used to store any bank details in them but she also is realised how much info she has put out there. Many simply cannot be closed.

I hope someone is listening as I believe there is a lesson or two here to be learnt or passed on.
 Facebook hack recovery? - RichardW
My Wife's account was recently hacked; Meta then closed it down for copyright infringement. There is no apparent way to to contact them or any customer service. Ended up creating a new account (as she uses it to coordinate a couple of groups she is involved in).
 Facebook hack recovery? - smokie
I think my daughter will have a new, but much less active, account once she gets over this.

Traumatised is too strong but she has been quite shaken by it.

Other daughter, who had access to the account and went on and remonstrated with them (and getting sweary replies) now finds that attempts have been made to hijack her email account. Passwords duly changed....

I'm looking again at these password generators/lockers. On the face of it they seem a decent idea but I don't quite get them - they seem to need a password to get into them. So if someone cracks that they have the lot. Maybe I'm misunderstanding....
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 Facebook hack recovery? - VxFan
Happened to my niece last year. She was devastated.

She made no headway with FB whatsoever.

Several of her friends and family reported the hacked profile to FB, but they took no action against the hacker. Last time I looked, the hacked profile was still there. All that was changed was the profile photo to some woman from Africa. When I did a reverse image search, it was some church pastor or minister.

All of my niece's photos are still on the hacked profile, along with her children and boyfriend's photos. And that's the most annoying part for my niece.
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 Facebook hack recovery? - smokie
Yes that, and my daughter had maybe a hundred or two "friends", some of which she only knows how to contact through FB. Many are real friends too, e.g. old uni pals and people she's come across in her working life (I mean not just people she's met on a night out and swapped details)
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