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 Importing photos. - Ted

This is more Computer related but more on here might help.

Recently, I have tried to import photos from my phone, Samsung A10 into my picture files. All I get on screen is a two tone blue logo where the photo should be ! There is a date and number under it. If I open the picture, I get a message telling me I need HEVC video extension and there's a download button underneath it.

Clicking brings up a load of information with a few reviews, all saying that they were not happy, and had to pay for it. One says it's down to using Apples codec....whatever that is. That's as far as I get being a computer numptie. I can't find any evidence of an Install button or a ' pay now ' one.

Any of you Brainiacs help ? I have some photos and documents to send off to a Gov dept and I'm stuck !

I have Windows 10. Thanks.

 Importing photos. - tyrednemotional may be a red herring, but it appears the A10 might/does have the ability to save pictures and videos in HEIF/HEVC format (which reputedly saves a lot of space over and above the standard Jpeg).

Unfortunately, Win10 doesn't natively support these formats (which might well be leading to your problem - they are basically Apple-originated CoDecs).

I think the first thing to check is whether your 'phone is actually set to use these formats when saving.

How to varies from version to version, but it is most likely that there is something in the camera app settings you can use to save photos in HEIF, videos in HEVC (probably two separate settings).

If it is set, you can unset it, but it won't change the format for existing saved items. If you can't re-create your content, by re-taking after changing the setting, then the only way you can process the existing items is by getting hold of the CoDec(s) - (which is what your system is wanting you to do).

The default way is the chargeable one you've hit. There appears to be a non-chargeable download, but I've just lost the link.

Check your 'phone camera settings, and if you can't unset and re-take as Jpeg (which WIN10 will play with), then I'll try to find that link.

 Importing photos. - smokie
There are loads of online HEVC to JPG convertors - here's one - - but just Google it.

Ideally after you've made the default jpg.
 Importing photos. - tyrednemotional
...just as an addendum, I've done a bit more searching for the "free" solution and part of it appears to be incompatible with my machine (which is Win10) though it shouldn't be.

Whatever, I would:

i) check the save settings in your phone camera app as above, and if they exist (I'm pretty certain they do), uncheck the HEIF/HEVC options - that will remove issues with future photos (they'll revert to saving in the Windows compatible Jpeg format).

If you have your originals, snap them again and import (hopefully you will be able to ignore the HEIF format ones - if not you could always delete them on the 'phone and try again).

If you can't recreate them, then my recommendation would be to download this conversion routine to the Win10 PC. (it should be safe - it's from the Windows store)

...that will mean using file transfer from the 'phone to the PC (rather than import) since the file transfer process doesn't care what format the files are and will simply copy them over ready for conversion on the PC.

If you haven't done this before, it's a bit of a learning curve, but not a steep one. Whilst the actual method (mainly menu formats) varies from Android release to release, it will be very much like this:

...and the photos will be in a "DCIM/Camera" folder on the 'phone (or possibly the SD card if you have one). They will show up in your File Manager on your PC, copy to the PC somewhere, and use the converter.
 Importing photos. - Ted

Thanks very much guys. I'll try one or two of the things you mentioned in the morning.

I've imported loads of snaps without problem since I've had this phone, this started messing me about only 7 pictures ago. None of them are important so if they go...then that's ok.

My young (40) pal a few doors up was in IT so he might have a look. He gave up some years ago so this might be too new for him. If so, and I can't fix it, I guess it's a phone call to Rattle !

I'll letcha kno.

 Importing photos. - Ted

Well, I thought I'd done it. Settings show that HEIF was switched on. I turned it off this evening but I get the same as when it was on.

I've also switched off HEVC. Not much else in phone settings.

I'll show my man your posts and see if he can sort it, I've no doubt Tesco Mobile will do it but as I'm wearing an orthopaedic sandal atm, I can't go to them.

I'll have to get the ole bridge camera out !

 Importing photos. - tyrednemotional
..the setting won't fix pictures you've already taken, it will only affect new ones.
 Importing photos. - Ted

Ah, thanks T&E. I didn't know that. I'll take a new one before bed !

 Importing photos. - bathtub tom
>>If so, and I can't fix it, I guess it's a phone call to
>> Rattle !

How is Rattle? Long time since we heard from him, please send our regards.
 Importing photos. - Ted

I don't know Tubs. I haven't had to call him for a long time. I think he made my PC too well !

 Importing photos. - Ted

Result Guys ! Took a selfie and imported it and it's there in ' My Pictures '

Ugly but acceptable. I will be forever in your debt !

 Importing photos. - tyrednemotional
...the ones you'd already taken were saved in the wrong format on your 'phone. The change of setting wouldn't "convert" those, but would make sure any future photos were saved as Jpegs (compatible with Windows and importable).

(As posted above, if any of the ones you can't import are critical (i.e. they can't be re-taken) then it is possible (unless you delete them) to convert them to Jpeg for/on your Windows PC - it's a bit of a faff, but not impossible to describe the process).
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