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 Desktop PC - Internal Clean - Bromptonaut
Over a few weeks I've been aware that a fan on/inside my fairly bog standard HP desktop was working overtime.

This morning, before turning it on I thought I'd have a look/see inside. Disconnected it, on side on desk and removed the cover.

Heatsink on the processor was absolutely clogged with dust. Blew some out with compressed air and then cleaned thoroughly with a paintbrush - static precautions in place of course.

Vacuum cleaner with crevice tube attached used to suck up the detritus.

Video card was similar. Nasty sharp edges on that - plaster on finger now!!

Case fan and that for PSU were also cleaned.

Had the thing since 2017 used daily for personal stuff and, for an extended period from 2019 on for work.

Not the first time I've gone through this routine but clearly I've neglected something I should do at least annually.

Do others, particularly those with a professional IT background have a routine for this?
 Desktop PC - Internal Clean - tyrednemotional
...I take my PC (and NAS) outside on an irregular basis, case off and give them a blow over with with the nozzled outlet of the vacuum cleaner.

Generally a much more powerful and directable jet of air than suction, and no need to get within touching distance of any components.

(direct blast at any "fanned" items needs care, however, as they'll whizz round like anything).
 Desktop PC - Internal Clean - Robin O'Reliant
I have given the internals a clean, but only when I've had to open it up to add memory or suchlike.
 Desktop PC - Internal Clean - VxFan
It doesn't hurt to remove dust build up from any electrical appliance that has vents. Whether it be a TV, radio, DVD player, etc.

Apart from reducing a fire risk, it does help to keep things running smoothly and aid longevity.
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 Desktop PC - Internal Clean - bathtub tom
I was surprised to see the compressed block of dust under the processor cooling fan of my PC when I added RAM. Should probably clean it again.
 Desktop PC - Internal Clean - Bromptonaut
>> I was surprised to see the compressed block of dust under the processor cooling fan

That's exactly what I found.
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