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 VPNs - Bobby
With Skys latest court victory on illegal streaming sites, there is much talk that if you are using these you should use VPNs.
I once used surfshark couple years ago for a trial period but other than that I know nothing about these.
Anyone use VpNs? What ones? What are costs and benefits?
Assume on a firestick it would just be an app that you go into first to select location and then open any other app you are using?
 VPNs - Bromptonaut
Watching this too though more for use outwith the UK then watching Sky stuff.
 VPNs - smokie
I've been using NordVPN for years now. It's a fair price for a multi-year contract and no usage caps, and it doesn't snatch away too much of your bandwidth. I think you're allowed to use it on 6 devices but check that. Once in a while a server goes AWOL so I have to log out and in again but otherwise it's pretty sold.

I use it on the Firestick when abroad mainly for access to the Beeb or other services which require you to be in the UK. I mostly don't stream illegal stuff but I do have it on my torrent server (Pi) just in case I ever download anything I oughtn't (if ever, it's usually a film or TV, not porn you know!!). I also found that some holidays were cheaper when booked from a Spanish IP address (I have a couple of trips to Egypt in mind). On the Firestick I have it auto-starting which is handy bit a bit of a faff if it needs resetting.

It does cloak whatever you're doing Bobby so you can do the illegal and your ISP can't see what you are doing. I believe some ISPs (but def not all) do keep logs of some sort which law enforcement have sometimes been able to gain access to but I suspect that's for serious offences rather than catching up with East Enders.

I use it on my phone when out and about as it means someone cannot tap into your connection and see your bank account details or whatever, as it's all carried down a "pipe within a pipe".

I do occasionally take a 30 day trial of an alternative when my one comes up for renewal but I've not found any better yet.

As usual, I have a referral link, so if you sign up you get some free time and so do I.

 VPNs - VxFan
I use IP Vanish. Got a good deal with them, and can use on multiple devices. My iPad, iPhone, Firestick, desktop PC, etc.

On the Firestick, it stops BBC iPlayer, ITVX, Channel 4 on demand, etc from working, but in the settings you can add Apps to allow them to still work - basically not blocking your IP address. No big deal as they're legal streaming services anyway.

IPV works well with Kodi and the like. And unlike the free VPNs it doesn't affect download speeds.
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 VPNs - car4play
We just need to be thankful compared to Iran where people have up to 10 VPNs on their devices as the government routinely blocks them and they have to hop around finding one that works
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