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 Email accounts - smokie
I'm a bit out of touch with this. Where do people get their email accounts these days? Mostly gmail or similar?

Do ISPs still provide them (Sky, Vodafone etc)? I have an VirginMedia one but they only allow one now (used to be four).

 Email accounts - Bromptonaut
Most people now use stand alone email like gmail etc. It's fairly rare now for somebody to give an ISP based email. My then provider Vodaphone, was Demon, withdrew them, or rather required a hosting fee, about ten years ago.

That prompted me to walk my ISP etc to Plusnet.

We've both got @live accounts which work fine.
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 Email accounts - smokie
 Email accounts - R.P.
Another vote for Gmail. Been with them for years and it diverts seemlessly to my main (BT) accounts. ALso use it for work, also integrates with my main e-mail account and - difficult to explain but I can send e-mails from my main inbox on the phone (where all my e-mail accounts show up) and make them show my work e-mail account from the drop down list.
 Email accounts - zippy
I'm with Hotmail.

It has been good. Unfortunately, more recently it hasn't been so good on stopping the hordes of junk mail that is currently getting through.
 Email accounts - bathtub tom
I now use my hotmail account minimally because of all the junk it gets. I'm trying yahoo mail.
 Email accounts - Duncan

>> We've both got @live accounts which work fine.

Hasn't Live transmogrified into Outlook and/or Hotmail?
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