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 Windows Vista mirror image - Dave
As said before, I use an old Visma machine to run my CNC router. Plugged in the PCI slot inside is a large card that drives the machine. Also on the machine is my CAD software, that gets backed up to a stick and my laptop (and hence the cloud) periodically.

So is there a way to do a mirror image of the old PC, so I can recover all the CNC machine settings (zeros, limits, acceleration, speeds etc), and the software that runs the machine.

If the PC packs up I’m a bit screwed as I will need to find a copy of Visma and then set everything up again. I’ve got a couple of spare 32bit machines with PCI slot, as they’re pretty hard to find now, so grabbed them while I could.

Also worth noting, the PC has no internet connection.
 Windows Vista mirror image - Zero
You can plug in a blank disk, (same size is best but not strictly required, and clone your drive to the spare one. CloneZilla is free and widely used. In theory its simply a matter of plugging in the cloned drive if your original one goes pop, and carry on as normal.

Take care tho, Thats not the same as putting a cloned disk in different hardware, you may need to be good at dicking about with hardware drivers.
 Windows Vista mirror image - Dave
I had a quick look around the internet, and found that Vista Business has a system image function. As luck would have it the PC came from the local council, and does indeed have Vista Business. I fired it up, plugged in a disc drive, and it did everything it should.
 Windows Vista mirror image - Zero
An image is not a clone. A clone is easier to recover to a new machine than an image, which is essentially a back up
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