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 email problem - Clk Sec
My printer has decided that it no longer wishes to print my Yahoo emails, although it seems happy enough to print everything else.

Both printer (MG2555S series) and PC (Windows 11) are relatively new.

I've checked the various cables, switched off power and unplugged, etc, but to no avail.

Any advice (in words of one syllable, please!) will be most welcome.
 email problem - smokie
I presume from your opening statement that it has printed them in the past, despite Windows and printer being fairly new?

You're sure you are selecting the right printer in the print dialogue box, if there is one?

I'm not familiar with W11 but do you have a print queue window in the bottom right corner, and is the print job on the queue, if so what's its status?

Do you have a print to PDF option, if so does that work?
 email problem - Clk Sec
1) Yes
3)Print queue shows 'No print jobs'
4)I can't locate a PDF option for emails.

Thanks, smokie.
 email problem - Bromptonaut
HAve you tried turning everything off and on again and ensuring the PC and printer drivers are fully patched?
 email problem - Clk Sec
I've turned everything off and on again.

Thanks, Brompt.
 email problem - Zero
Delete and reinstall your printer driver. Get it from the printer maker support page
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