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 New tablet required - bathtub tom
My old Nexus 9 seems to be in advancing terminal decline. I fitted a new battery a few years ago that improved it, but now it keeps switching off at random and not running software and some apps.

I don't need an all singing, whistle and bells job. The Nexus was fine. Looking around, I reckon a 10" is sufficient and I see no point in having a SIM.
Reading reviews, a TPSPAD, PRITOM or TECLAST seem to fit what I think I need.

Any comments or suggestions from those with a more techie bent than I would be appreciated, thanks.
 New tablet required - maltrap
My recommendation would be ipad
I'm on my third, previous non Ipad was a Samsung Galaxy, it packed up just outside it's 12 month guarantee. Bought the last one off Ebay for about £200. All3 Ipads still working.
 New tablet required - Falkirk Bairn
CEX - High St/on-line - 2nd hand kit with a warranty.
The stock is also checked that it is not stolen.

A son has bought phones, ipads, laptops for his 2 kids - no issues,
I have only sold them old ipads, iphones and a Blackberry! (6 years ago)

Worth the extra buying cost IMHO + hassle free.
 New tablet required - Crankcase
Depends on how basic you want. Just email, web browsing, a few apps perhaps, consider an Amazon Fire tablet. We've run a few and always been reliable and darned cheap, especially if you hit a sale.

I ran one for a couple of years as my sole tablet, and Mrs C still runs one from 2014 and won't consider anything else.

Locked into the Amazon ecosystem though.
 New tablet required - Kevin
I got a damn good deal in January from an online outfit called 4gadgets. Bought a refurb Sammy S6 Lite (2021 chipset) for Mrs K. Completely unmarked, 12 month warranty and 30 day free returns. Top spec LTE 4G model with pen for £180.

I wish I'd bought one for myself.
 New tablet required - martin aston
Last time I replaced my (aged and creaky iPad) I bought a refurbished one from Argos saving about £100 quid. However although cosmetically perfect it had a weird screen fault where there was an overlap in the centre of whole screen photos. I took it to the Apple Store, disclosing it was a refurb, and they’d never seen this fault before. They offered to do a free reset but I didn’t want to muddy the waters if that failed.
Argos took it back without question.
I then bought a new one from John Lewis.
I think the service from Argos and Apple was excellent but I would be wary of buying a refurbished one from a less well supported manufacturer or outlet.
 New tablet required - Zero
Refurbed typically means "A return with a problem, that never appeared again under test*, so resold"

*till it appears with the next buyer.

 New tablet required - Bromptonaut
Got a laptop for my daughter upon entering 6th form that had that description. First one had a significant patch of dead pixels bang in the middle of the screen. It was changed without quibble and the replacement was fine until her boyfriend lead her to the dark side - Apple.

Possible the two simple midi PCs both had later on at primary, after we got proper ADSL internet, were from a similar source. They were excellent for what they cost though I did quite a bit of maintenance/repair to keep them going.

One had not been properly reset and still had evidence of a previous user...
 New tablet required - zippy
My concern with refurbished computing tech is down to the quality of the refurb.

If it's a complete strip down, check hardware changes, wipe and reinstall the HD then fine otherwise it's possible for keylogger or other malicious software or even hardware to be added by someone retuning a device so that the next owner is compromised.
 New tablet required - Kevin
>..other malicious software or even hardware to be added by someone retuning
>a device so that the next owner is compromised.

So that's where all the handbag, shoes and clothes deliveries are coming from!
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