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 Adobe Acrobat - Bromptonaut
I've used Acrobat in free/bundled versions for reading PDF documents pretty much as long as I've had a PC.

There's always been an option to rotate a document. Useful with my own scans but also with downloads etc.

In the last couple of weeks selecting the 'rotate' option from the toolbar or menu no longer works. I'm told I need to pay for the facility.

Research says other folks have the same issue but there's a quite aggressive bunch saying you never could rotate docs foc.

Anyone know the answer?
 Adobe Acrobat - tyrednemotional
....Always been able to rotate.

Using the rotate option/icon on the toolbar now invites a paid-for option.

(But, at least for now ;-) , right click on the page presents a "rotate clockwise" option which still works (and can be repeated if 90 degrees right isn't the orientation you want))
 Adobe Acrobat - Kevin
It's the opposite for me. Toolbar will rotate but right-click-rotate offers me a 7-Day Free Trial. Acrobat Reader V23.001.20143.
 Adobe Acrobat - tyrednemotional
...well, there you go - mine's the same version (Northern Edition ;-) )
 Adobe Acrobat - Bromptonaut
Thanks to TnE and Kevin.

My work PC, which seems to use something other than Adobe Acrobat as default for pdf (probably Google?), allows rotation either way from both the toolbar and a right click.

If I force it to use Acrobat then, as at home, no rotation at all.

So at least I can sort out stuff that referrers have scanned upside down....
 Adobe Acrobat - smokie
I have Foxit PDF Reader for home use, does rotation and plenty of other stuff. And it's free.

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