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 Not receiving email - legacylad
Apologies if I’ve previously asked this question....

The past 18 months I’ve used a car rental company called OK Mobility. Probably 5 + times now. They email you photos of any damage to the rental car, which you then check and add photos at the time of pick up if you spot additional damage.

The funny thing is, I never receive these emails, and they have to print off an A4 sheet showing the relevant damage. The rental company has my correct email address, their staff have even
Played around with my phone trying to figure out why ( iPhone 12 iOS16.1.1) and their emails are not going into my spam folder.

I’m not the techiest of techy people, but even their youngsters can’t understand why I’m not receiving their email.
Any advice please....I’ll find out tomorrow if the situation persists. I suspect it will.
 Not receiving email - Biggles
It may be that with the photos the emails exceed the limit of your email provider. Ask if the rental company can send the photos as a link.
 Not receiving email - Manatee
Gmail has a 25MB limit which is very easy to exceed when sending pictures as attachments. However you should still get something - if the 25MB is exceeded, gmail zips them into a folder for which it sends you a link.
 Not receiving email - legacylad
Many thanks you two.
That could explain it....
Didn’t receive the email yesterday on collection, showing vehicle damage. The car rental company had to print it out.

My second awful C3 Aircross. Terrible wallowing handing, far too light vague steering, awful blubbery gear change.
I begged the girl, honestly, to give me something else. No front or rear parking sensors or camera, slow, wind noise, doesn’t take kindly to brisk motorway driving or being hammered up and down the gears on twisty roads.

50 minute queue at OK queues at Goldcar, Centauro, Firefly.
Just 2 out of 8 desks manned....staff had 130 rental car collections yesterday. The sweet senorita was not happy...I bribed her with Maltesers to no avail.
 Not receiving email - smokie
Also check your spam folder.
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