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 Broadband Wifi Slow - zippy
Our broadband has been out for a couple of days.

It came back today. The router is showing 40Mbs downstream which is about right.

Any wifi device is showing about 400kb download speed - yes 400kb!

Attached devices previously got about 20-30mbs.

Any ideas on how to trouble shoot / resolve this?
 Broadband Wifi Slow - smokie
Start with a router hard reboot (power off completely for a couple of minutes), also reboot the device(s) you are testing with.

How are you measuring 1) at the router and 2) on the device?

What router type is it?
 Broadband Wifi Slow - zippy
Tx Smokie

Sky router about 1 year old.

The router has been reset / unplugged, left for 10 minutes and plugged back in.

Since my post earlier it has got up to speed again - on most devices - getting about 15-20mbs on everything (which is what we got before) save the TV which was getting 600kbs but since I reset its network adapter is now up to 3mbs. Never tested the speed previously on the TV because it "worked".

Strange though because the router was reporting 39.9mbs which is what we have always got - it's the wifi that hasn't been good and has been measured on the devices using and a couple of other checkers including Google's.

I know the best way to check speed is to use an ethernet cable, which I have but can't find at the moment and I'm not up to all the rummaging to find it until I feel 100%.
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 Broadband Wifi Slow - Zero
You have to regularly reboot routers (one a month will do it) their buffers, tables and memory gets cluttered up, I call it e-fluff. At the same time every device you have gets a reboot too

You'll need to check out that tele tho, with TV services moving very much on line (like the new ITV -X) your 3mbs might not cut it on hi-def.
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