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 Calendar On Windows 10 - Robbie34
Has the calendar been removed from Windows 10? I find it quite useful but I can no longer open it. When I click on the icon it opens a blank screen and then closes.
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 Calendar On Windows 10 - smokie
I don't use it but mine opens OK
 Calendar On Windows 10 - tyrednemotional
..I don't use it, but I've just tried and experienced a similar error.

Perusal of event viewer gave me a search, which indicates that it is a "hot" issue with Microsoft, caused by recent changes.

I suspect it will be fixed by a patch somewhere down the line.

See the contents of the link below:
 Calendar On Windows 10 - tyrednemotional
..have you retried this, because as of today mine no longer crashes.
 Calendar On Windows 10 - Robbie34
The calendar ios now back to normal on my PC. I assume Microsoft have sorted the glitch.
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