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 M$ Office problem - smokie
I use a legit copy of Office 2013, and it's been working perfectly since about then. However in the past week I have had intermittent but fairly frequent problems going into Outlook, Word and Excel. They just hang right away, on the splash screen. EDIT: I forgot that Edge also doesn't start, just get a white screen which closes after some seconds.

I've focussed on fixing Outlook as the online support seemed better for that. So, in no particular order, I've -

Re-installed Office 2013, both quick and full
Run scanpst.exe on all my email data files
I went to change my profile but decided against as I have quite a bit in it and I don't think it's relevant
Checked office for dodgy add-ons (now all add-ons are disabled)
Restored my C drive to a date prior to the issues - which worked OK for a bit until the issues came back
Looked to see if any updates had been applied - some have ("feature updates")
CHDSKd my C and Data drives.
Also carried out a bunch of checks recommended for browser white screen (drivers etc)
DISM and SFC both run clean

The odd thing is if it doesn't work a reboot often cures it. And I've just found that (except Edge) without a reboot they will start OK if I Run as Administrator - but that doesn't cure it

Any thoughts, other than Libre Office or Office 365? :-)
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 M$ Office problem - Biggles
Probably worth thinking about a replacement as support ends in a couple of months.
 M$ Office problem - smokie
Yep in the absence of any fix that's probably the way I'll go. I didn't realise it was running out, though that was inevitable. Libre Office has some appeal. I'll have to start to investigate migration methods as I have a lot of offline mail (in pst files) I'd sooner not lose.

Seeing as Edge is also misbehaving I am also wondering whether to put back my old video card and see if it makes any difference - bit of a long shot but you never know. (Someone Freegled a half decent NVidia Quadro Pro 4000. Seems to be working fine but maybe the drivers are broken. It's been in a couple of months, much longer than the problem has existed for though. Now I've thought of it, maybe I'll re-install the drivers anyway.
 M$ Office problem - smokie
Also Windows 10 only has 2 years support left. So I started idly looking for a machine upgrade. I would want to do components rather than buying loads of stuff I don't need (case, display card etc). I've found a list of the Intel/AMD required processors and also seems I need a TPM header on the motherboard but it strikes me as quite hard work actually finding this stuff for sale. Not that it isn't for sale, but they don't mention Windows 11 compatibility in the descriptions or specs for mobos or processors so it requires continual switching windows to refer back to other web pages.

Some sites haev a "list of Windows 11 bundles" but they are totally unreliable.
 M$ Office problem - tyrednemotional
...with a modern processor, either AMD or Intel, you're unlikely to need either a TPM header (though most motherboards will have one) or a hardware TPM.

The processor will itself implement TPM through firmware, either Intel PTT, or AMD fTPM. (I have machines actively running these, and showing WIN11 compatibility, though they're still running Win10). The setting to enable the firmware implementation may need adjusting in BIOS, but in fact most recent BIOS updates also now have it as the default.
 M$ Office problem - smokie
Yes, thanks. I've been reading about it all since posting...

My d-i-y machine mobo and processor is mostly long in the tooth and the BIOS is well old, though the machine performs pretty well for most stuff I use and benchmarks well in the top 1/3 of all home machines (or something like that!). It has an Intel i5-4690 which isn't in the supported list and the memory is DDR3 which also doesn't bode well.

Nevertheless I have loosened the purse strings and just ordered some new lowish end stuff, which is compatible and will be coming in a week or so. It's a Gigabyte mobo, and I did notice then that they do the TPM stuff in the bios rather than requiring it on the board.

I ordered a new mobo & i5 processor (from the list!), a M.2 SSD and 16Gb memory for about £210. At least that way I can get the free WIN11 upgrade while it's still available.

So initially I'll try it with the current C drive but recognising that I may have to reinstall everything is a possiblity to fix the problem above.
 M$ Office problem - Kevin
Microsoft's list of compatible processors is still a work-in-progress at the moment.
Mrs K's ancient i3 laptop is listed as compatible, so is my travel battered i5 Thinkpad. My later Dell i7-7700HQ isn't compatible (yet).
 M$ Office problem - tyrednemotional
...the general position for a long time has been that the minimum requirement for intel processors has been 8th generation, and I haven't seen that change for a long time (which certainly doesn't mean it won't).

I have an old, but very serviceable Lenovo E130 laptop that is still viable on Win10 (with an SSD upgrade and extra memory), and built like a brick shipyard, but it well pre-dates that threshold.

It will be relegated to be a largely off-line platform for my diagnostic software for the motorhome once Win10 support is terminated. Luckily, the other machines in the 'nE household are all Win11 compliant (though they are avoiding like the plague it until it is inevitable).
 M$ Office problem - Kevin
That was my understanding as well but a reply to someone on a MS support forum raised a suspicion that older stuff may be added at a later date subject to testing.

I'll be staying with Win 10 on the Dell. I've expended too much effort getting Platformio, all of the extensions, and the other dev tools playing nicely together to start again.
 M$ Office problem - smokie
I've got few Win 10 devices but it's really only my main PC which I'm going to upgrade. That's a generation 4 processor (though I was surprised it is only 8 years old, though I'd had it longer!!) so would be a long way down the list.

The rest of our machines ) mainly 2 laptops)will get done as needed, though it'd be daft to miss out on the free 10 - 11 upgrade I suppose.

Have you tried ChatGPT for writing code yet? I need a Perl program which I can run on my Pi to open a web page, interpret the JSON and give me a value - the sort of thing you can probably do with your eyes shut but would take me days!! It looks like it can almost do that without much manual input, though I think I've taught myself enough in the past couple of years to do the finalising tweaks.

And Kevin I think I probably have all the bits for that power monitor but it was the soldering (I think) that put me off. I might get back to that soon.
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 M$ Office problem - Kevin
I'd like to see what advantages Win 11 offers before I put up with any more of MS looking over my shoulder.

I haven't tried ChatGPT - I suspect that describing what you want ChatGPT to do in enough detail for it to actually work will take longer than actually writing the code yourself.

If your requirement isn't too complicated you should be able to get away without any perl.
Get the data from the remote end with 'curl' (or wget) and feed it through 'jq' to get what you want. Check the manual pages ('man curl' and 'man jq') to see syntax. (If it's a bare bones Pi, you might need to install curl and jq first).

Don't worry about soldering for a power monitor. Email me when you're ready to mess with it again and I'll send you a pre-soldered board that just needs an ESP plugging in and then wiring up to the pzem. Same offer to anyone else who doesn't fancy soldering.
 M$ Office problem - VxFan
>> Have you tried ChatGPT for writing code yet?

ChatGPT “is like an uncle that turns up at holiday gatherings, has a few drinks and then starts talking confidently about s*** he doesn’t know about,” according to a leading expert.
 M$ Office problem - smokie
I've not used it a lot but everything I've seen has been impressive, and a bit scary.
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