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 Windows error on start up - Dave
I run an old PC that drives my CNC machine on Windows Vista! The internal battery went flat, now replaced. But now on start up I get an error message - WARNING ERROR. 02B0: Diskette drive A error. Retrieving ME FW version and AMT SKU. Retrieving ME MAC Address. Press F1 to continue.

Pressing F1 lets it all work again.

I don't have a diskette A, just one DVD drive.
 Windows error on start up - Bromptonaut
BIOS settings reverted to factory defaults?
 Windows error on start up - tyrednemotional
...the BIOS settings will have reverted, but I'm not convinced playing with BIOS will resolve that.

It would appear to be an Intel Management Engine message. The ME is embedded in most Intel processors, runs "behind the scenes", even with the OS powered off (as long as it is still mains connected) and relies on its own firmware. The message implies that this firmware has either been corrupted/unloaded or is incompatible with the recovered machine's now state.

A search reveals that a number of people have encountered this after losing the CMOS battery power, and in some cases it has rendered the m/c unbootable. I haven't found a convincing resolution, however.

Luckily, the Intel ME isn't/shouldn't be at all critical to the normal working of your m/c. I'd be concerned to fix it on an up-to-date, everyday use m/c, but, as long as you can live with the F1 prompt, and it otherwise works, for your use I'd simply live with it.
 Windows error on start up - Zero
You can certainly fix the Diskette A: drive error in the bios settings, you simply remove it from the boot list. There *may* be other stuff in the bios menu that will fix all your issues.
 Windows error on start up - tyrednemotional
...I'd taken it that he didn't have an A: (diskette) drive installed, in which case, I don't think it will appear in the bootlist.
 Windows error on start up - Zero
Bios thinks he has, probably because its not been disabled.
 Windows error on start up - Dave
Thanks guys. I guess I’ll leave it as is. No point in messing with something old that still works!
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