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 Backing up emails from Virgin webmail - Bobby
I don't use webmail much, just usually use email on my phone.

But on my laptop tonight and the webmail (through the virginmedia page seems to be acting up and it has prompted me that I probably have emails saved in various folders that I really wouldnt want to lose.

Is there an easy way to "back up" all my emails from all these folders to a hard drive. I am not even sure how this would look?

Any help would be appreciated. Also, anyone else on virgin webmail and experiencing issues like keep getting message saying unable to connect to server etc?
 Backing up emails from Virgin webmail - smokie
The only way I can think is to install a client like Outlook on your laptop where the mails and folders reside on your local system, then you can backup the mail store.

I'm probably missing something really obvious though.

Are you seeing the errors on your phone or just your laptop?
 Backing up emails from Virgin webmail - tyrednemotional
..generally, if using web/browser access to mail, the mail content remains on the provider's server (until you delete an item, of course). That should allow you to re-synchronise at any time and get your content back

Patently it's not much use if you can't connect to the server at any given time. It also requires a level of trust in the isp's practices.

Use of an email client on your pc would (with an appropriate client) allow you to create and use a local copy of your email data, the storage file for which could be copied/archived at intervals and if/when necessary re-imported independent of any server issues.

Something I've done a few times using Outlook against ISP provided email servers, but I'm sure you could find a free client that would provide similar capabilities.
 Backing up emails from Virgin webmail - Bobby
Cheers - maybe Outlook is the obvious answer - I used to use that all the time and then when iphones appeared and everything pretty much could be done through them I think I stopped ast my second last computer rebuild.

I do have MS Office etc so could download outlook and maybe sync once a month or thereabouts just to have a local backup.

Works absolutely fine on my phone, its just when using webmail I seem to have issues.
 Backing up emails from Virgin webmail - smokie
If you go with something like Outlook come back for a bit more advice - only because if you currently have all your folders under Inbox, they will all be synced but I'm not sure it would do you much good in the event of a failure (though as has been said this is unlikely).

I think with Outlook, unless you configure it to do otherwise they will all end up under your c:/users folder somewhere. That's probably how you want it, assuming you want to retain access to all the folders on your phone, but if it did fail I'm not sure you would be able to recover the c drive files back into your webmail.

Your time might be better spent seeing if you can get to the bottom of the intermittent connection problems on the laptop!
 Backing up emails from Virgin webmail - tyrednemotional
...using Outlook as a client in (the now common) IMAP mode will deliver an offline copy in a .OST file deep in the User's Appdata folder structures. It is possible, but not simple, to back these up and re-import them, albeit into another account, if the originals go missing.

The alternative is to access the Virgin media mail via POP/SMTP (ensuring you set the "leave a copy on the server" such that webmail etc. continues working as expected). This will create a .PST file for which you can define a location. This makes it relatively easy to retain a copy at intervals, and that can be re-imported relatively easily.
 Backing up emails from Virgin webmail - Pezzer
I have an active Virgin email id which I almost never open directly. I have set up mail forwarding in my Gmail account and view both ids from there, hasnt let me down in the best part of 10 years.
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