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 silly but very cool - Zero
Music made by computer mechanical bits
 silly but very cool - VxFan
Here's another one that someone sent to me quite some time ago.
 silly but very cool - Kevin
He needs one of the old 132col 600lpm line printers firing all hammers at once to provide a bass drum.
 silly but very cool - tyrednemotional part of 50 years ago, the ops for the ICL 1900 series I started work on had a program, loaded from paper tape, that would play a recognisable version of the 1812 overture if the "cpu speaker" * volume was turned up. It had to be run under Exec, and not George, though.

* the speaker would play a series of "clicks" representing the processing being carried out, and was regularly used to determine whether what was being run was "in a loop".
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