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 Windows update - neiltoo
I don't let windows update automatically. I do it when I get the prompt.

Updated today (W8.1 - it's an old laptop!) and for probably the fourth month the update failed.

This month I finally copied the title:
2022-10 Security Monthly Quality Rollup for Windows 8.1 for x64-based Systems (KB5018474)



 Windows update - smokie
Doesn't look like a critical update for a home PC. Any idea what the error was?

Though if the previous 3 have failed you may have missed something useful (that one is new this month).

You realise that 8.1 loses support soon, January I think.
 Windows update - neiltoo
Apropos this

I'm looking to replace this laptop.

Lenovo Ideapad, withIntel CORE i5.
Think it's 1 Gbyte.

Bought, I think 2014.

Used for general office and surfing. Don't need it for Games or movies.

Handed to me by Mrs Too.

What does the panel suggest?

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