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 Barcode Reader App - Clk Sec
Can anyone recommend a reliable barcode reader app, please?
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 Barcode Reader App - smokie
For Android?

Whatever, I think there's any number of them, probably easier to just download a free one and see if it fits the bill for you. (If it does QR codes too that's a bonus)
 Barcode Reader App - tyrednemotional
The factory installed camera app on my Motorola phone does both barcodes and QR codes (with a data connection, of course).
 Barcode Reader App - Clk Sec
Thanks, both.

Yes, it is Android.
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 Barcode Reader App - Zero
yeah my Motorolla camera app covers bar codes, QR codes, The NFC also reads most RFID tags, rather useless tho as they have no external data references
 Barcode Reader App - smokie
Isn't NFC what Google Pay uses? I bought some NFC tags which I can programme on the phone, so I can use the phone to do stuff with the Home Assistant (like control lights and devices, though usually that's done by voice, and give guests access to WiFi just by swiping. Sad eh? :-) ).
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