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 Video editing - MD
Could anyone advise please. I need to transfer some large videos and also take some stills from those vids. Can anyone point me in the right direction please.
 Video editing - smokie
Windows 10 has its own free video editor but I found another one which I used/preferred - however I'm not at home for a few weeks to look and see what I installed and I can't recall the name of it. It may well have been Videopad

There is a list pf possibles here

 Video editing - VxFan
>> I need to transfer some large videos

From where, and where to?
 Video editing - MD
PC to customer as simply as possible.
 Video editing - tyrednemotional
...If the file is of a format that will open in it, "Photos" built in in Win10 allows you to capture individual frames as photos.

Simply stop the "movie" at the desired point, click on the three dots on the progress bar, and save the frame (to your desired location).

As to any other editing, it would depend on what you wish to achieve.

(Videos are often rather too large to add as email attachments, but it is possible to upload to a number of "staging" points, and pass a link allowing the recipient to download.
 Video editing - smokie
I seem to be able to use WhatsApp on my PC now, but I'm not sure what the size limit is - I feel it's larger than mail attachments. You could try that.
 Video editing - VxFan
WhatsApp compresses the video to a smaller file size.

If Facebook Messenger says it's too large to be able to send, and the recipient isn't on Facebook Messenger, I send the video to my own WhatsApp profile, then save it back to the photo library on my iPhone. Then send it to them on FB. Bit of a faff I know, but it works.
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