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 Speakers corner. - Ted

I'm sure it's simple for you experts. I use a 26 inch Sony Bravia as a monitor and a desktop PC parked next to it.

Would it be possible to dispense with the two speakers on the shelf above and connect directly into the TVs speakers ? If so, could the volume be controlled by the tv remote ?

 Speakers corner. - smokie
Not a strong area for me but is the screen connected via HDMI, if so I'd imagine you could get the sound down that. It may already be set up (go to Control Panel, Sound and look to see if it's in the Output dropdown.

If it is connected some other way I imagine you'd be able to have a cable with a small jack plug for the PC end and a suitable plug for the TV sound INPUT, if it has one. Maybe a composite would do it, only 1 cable of the three is sound IIRC. Like this

I don't see why you wouldn't be able to use the TV remote, if the sound works.

But someone else who knows more will be along soon, I'm sure :-) In the meantime, see if you can find out what inputs you have on the TV.

(Nice thread title btw, made me smile)
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 Speakers corner. - Ted

Thanks Smokie. I've just had all my stuff off my desk to re-arrange it and I don't recollect a HDMi cable when I connected it back up. I think I have a cable and I'm sure the TV has a port so I'll try that. My other thought was a 3.5 cable TV to PC. I have a splitter to run my headphones from, as I do now.

My other, more practical, thought was to ask my neighbour when he calls in the morning to take our dog out for her morning promenade to school with his little girl. He used to be into all that before he opted as a career as an odd job man.

Final option is to get Rattle round !

 Speakers corner. - smokie
"Final option is to get Rattle round !"

Send him our love :-)
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