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 New PC - Crankcase
I'm in the market for a new PC. I want to play the odd game on it. Not many, but the ones I do play are better with some grunt.

I don't want to build it myself. I've configured the following up with Cyberpower. Unless some component part is to be upgraded and widely available in the next few weeks, I don't want to hang about for "the new" something or other; there's always a new something or other on the horizon.

No mouse, monitor or keyboard is needed at this point.

It's a big ask here, but here's the config as emailed to me before I go any further. Does anyone have any thoughts on it? Cos I'm just Googling the bits and trying to get ones that work together and will be future proof for a few years. This comes in at £2440 inc VAT.

If this is all rubbish, you can save me from an expensive mistake somewhere.

BLUETOOTH: None Selected
CAS: Cooler Master Silencio S600 Quiet Gaming Case - Black [+36]
CD: Pioneer BDR-209DBK 16X BLU-RAY Burner & 16X DVD±R/±RW Drive [+55]
COOL: None Selected
COOL2: None Selected
CPNR1: CyberpowerPC Anti-Vibration Fan Mounts -- reducing the noise transmitted from fans [+9]
CPU: Intel® Core™ i7-12700K - 12-Core [8P @ 3.60GHz-5.00GHz / 4E @ 2.70GHz-3.80GHz] - 25MB Cache + UHD Graphics, Ultimate OC Compatible [+267]
CS_FAN: 4x 120mm Case fans for your selected case [+18]
EXCD: None Selected
EXPAN: Built-in USB Ports
FAN: Corsair Hydro Series H100i RGB Pro XT High Performance Liquid Cooling System w/ 240mm Radiator, Ultimate OC Compatible [+39] (Corsair CPU Water Cooling, Ultimate OC Compatible)
HDD: None Selected
KEYBOARD: None Selected
KEYBOARD_MICE: None Selected
M2SSD: 1TB (1x1TB) WD Black SN770 M.2 NVMe PCIe SSD - 5150MB/s Read & 4900MB/s Write [+15] (Single Drive)
M2SSD2: 1TB (1x1TB) WD Black SN770 M.2 NVMe PCIe SSD - 5150MB/s Read & 4900MB/s Write [+82] (Single Drive)
MEMORY: 16GB (2x8GB) DDR4/4000mhz Dual Channel Memory [+58] (Corsair Vengeance LPX w/Heat Spreader)
MONITOR: None Selected
MOTHERBOARD: MSI MAG Z690 Tomahawk WIFI DDR4: ATX w/ Wi-Fi 6, USB 3.2, 4x M.2 [+152]
MOUSE: None Selected
NETWORK: ONBOARD 10/100/1000 GIGABIT LAN PORT -- As standard on all PCs
OS: Windows 11 Home - with FREE trial of Microsoft 365 and 1 month Xbox Game Pass (64-bit Edition) (No Recovery Media)
OVERCLOCK: No Overclocking
PCABLE: None Selected
POWERSUPPLY: Corsair CV750 750W 80+ Bronze Gaming Power Supply [+19]
RAID: None Selected
RUSH: Standard Processing Time
SPEAKERS: None Selected
SSD: None Selected
USB1: Built-in USB Ports [+0]
VIDEO: MSI GeForce® RTX 3070 Ti 8GB - Ray Tracing Technology, DX12®, VR Ready, HDMI, DP - 4 MIN. Monitor Support [+300] (Single Card)
VIVE_HEADSET: None Selected
WARRANTY: DESKTOP GOLD WARRANTY: 5 Years' Labour, 2 Years' Parts, 2 Years' Collect and Return plus Life-Time Technical Support
WNC: None Selected [-15]
XWNA: None Selected
 New PC - smokie
Wow is that really the ball park figure for a decent spec these days? I would have thought no more than about £800 for a desktop without screen etc.

Good choice of SSD drives, unless you already have one you could use?

Don't see any wireless but maybe not important in a desktop, or it's built-in someplace

The USB can't be USB1, that must just be a header, you'd want at least USB-3 these days, ideally USB-4 which is fairly new

The +/- figures only add up (in my head) to something around £1k and they are the main components, so the base spec is £1.4k? That'd be a quite good machine I imagine. Whatever, if you can afford it, it's a great spec (and way above anything I'd need these days!).
 New PC - Crankcase
Thanks Smokie.

Ok, good to know the SSDs are ok - I thought I could add a spinny drive or two later if needed. A huge chunk of the cost is going to be the graphics card of course. I'd go up to a 3090, but they are sitting at about 2k for that alone! Not that you can get one.

Don't need wifi, but well spotted.

USBs are 3.1 and 3.0, they don't offer 4 on anything I can see. I didn't know 4 existed until now! But I only have 3.0 discs on them anyway at the moment.

Yes, I think the base spec is 1.4k. They start their machines at about £500, but I think such a thing wouldn't run at a better frame rate than I have already, so you need to up everything for games. Even this one at 2.5k isn't enough for maxed out 4k gaming, so lucky I'm not into 4k gaming! Probably be another £1000 for the monitor alone if I were.

It's all because my little man in No Man's Sky doesn't run around quickly enough really.

 New PC - Kevin
Over the past few weeks various pundits have been predicting that the price of graphics cards will drop and there'll be stacks of 2nd hand ones available.
The reason is that it is impossible for the current generation of GPUs to mine crypto profitably.
 New PC - smokie
"The reason is that it is impossible for the current generation of GPUs to mine crypto profitably."

Wonder if they are in the NUM? :-)
 New PC - smokie
I've reverted to Windows patience games recently :-) - found a package of the old versions of the games which will run on Windows 10...
 New PC - Crankcase
Might I suggest you pick up for a couple of pounds the new game "Vampire Survivors". Ridiculously easy controls, you don't even have to fire. Looks like 1980s graphics. And insanely "just one more".

 New PC - smokie
Ta, had a look, not really my kind of game. I have old Call of Duty and Medal of Honour games which I'd like to try out again, also some motor racing ones but tbh although I spend hours per day in front of the computer, little of it is spent on games. A lot of time is just going down rabbit holes, watching a particular "theme" on YouTube, or reading forums on diverse stuff, and also doing "proper computer stuff" (like Home Automation and a bit of programming) or snoozing with the music on :-)

Come winter I am planning to teach myself to play keyboards, and have a go at composing music or more likely doing "covers" with Band in a Box, which looks pretty easy but actually seems to take quite a bit of time to do much with.
 New PC - legacylad
Thank goodness I’ve got local pubs to keep me out of mischief.....which reminds me, chimney sweep has just finished (£60 these days, known him for years) so I’d better trot off for early doors and help fill their coffers as they were closed yesterday.
 New PC - Crankcase
Looks like Band costs real money; have you looked at JJazzLab, which is free, if you just want to play about a bit, see if it's your thing?

Which keyboard do you have, out of interest?

I listened to some fifties stuff this morning and thought, golly, wish I could play drums like that. I've never played, but how hard can it be, right? You just bang things in the right order.

It'd cost me £40 to find out.
 New PC - Zero
Liquid cooling? Way over the top, no wonder it costs over 2 grand. Its far more than you would ever need
 New PC - Crankcase
>> Liquid cooling? Way over the top, no wonder it costs over 2 grand. Its far
>> more than you would ever need

Well, the liquid cooling added about twenty quid, and is supposed to help reduce that jumbo jet in your living room experience?

Not sure about it being over the top if you want good responses and resolution with Doom Eternal etc, which is what I was aiming for. Not much else to save any money on other than the graphics card, which is the heart of the beast really.

I know least about motherboards - does that seem a reasonable one? Even then I could pay more, but not very much less, on that front - I picked one level up from the cheapest.
 New PC - Zero
>> Well, the liquid cooling added about twenty quid, and is supposed to help reduce that
>> jumbo jet in your living room experience? 39 quid, for overclocking, and you didnt select overclocking.?

There wont be one, even with doom eternal you are never going to stress the CPU enough to set the fan off on full hovercraft mode.

Motherboard? the only questions you need to ask are "does it support my CPU and Graphics card of choice"

Doom eternal? not a problem. What kind of frame rate / monitor size / resolution are you aiming for? Anything above 30 FPS is a waste of time.

Last edited by: Zero on Tue 20 Sep 22 at 18:45
 New PC - Crankcase
Ta, useful stuff. No, didn't pick overclocking - should I? Thought it might just make things hotter and less reliable is all.

Ok, well perhaps I'll swap the cooling for the overclock then, or perhaps keep the cooling and add the overclock at some level or other.

I play Doom Eternal on the best available settings for my ancient existing GT 1030 card, which theoretically can't play it at all. It chugs along at about 15-19 frames a second at best. Mr Youtube shows me it looking much prettier and running at 50 or 60 frames a second on the kinds of cards I specced. It looks a lot nicer.

Also my Planet/Zoo Coaster gets down to about 9 frames a second, so really like a series of screenshots. And No Man's Sky is also pretty shonky.

So hopefully a big improvement on these and also on upcoming stuff in the next year or three.

 New PC - smokie
I got a dodgy full copy of Band In A Box a couple of years ago, intending to use it but never yet got round to it.

I have an electronic Traps drum kit in the garage which was starting to show it's age but as it happens, yesterday I opened up some of the pickups to see what's inside and it's now playing a lot better - through headphones at least. I just play along to favourite music on my iPod, and I think I'm fairly proficient for a self taught but I really don't have the patience to drum along to whole tracks - I like intros and fills. It took me years to disengage my limbs from one another so that each foot and hand can be tapping out a different beat. This is the kit

Keyboard is a Casio CTK-7200 . I was stuck with what to ask for at Christmas one year so I said I'll have one of these for "when I retire". I reckon that was when I was 56 or 57. I retired at 59 and am now 66 have still barely touched it. It may not even work any more, and it looks quite complicated to use all the functions, but I don't want to learn classical scales and pieces, I just want to play along to blues/rock stuff, either as keyboard or bass (which also is tedious for a whole track). I think it was a bit over £300.

I'm forever gathering other bits to help me learn - I have a load of video courses on drums and keyboards, I have an app which slows down music playback on the Android in case it's going too fast, and can change the pitch. There's loads of free technique stuff on YouTube too. JJazzLab is now on my PC, though like BinaB I think I need to do some learning about chords etc before I can get very far with it. :-)

I should add I have no ambitions to be in a band, or ever play publicly!!
 New PC - Crankcase
Oh well, there we are, Smokie. I have the same Casio keyboard, and pull it downstairs every so often, then put it back upstairs again. It's quite hard to find many inspiring videos on Youtube about it, but it's a fun toy occasionally.

Your drum kit look coolio but for me it all has to be done with headphones in a dark corner, for fear of awakening the wrath of the she-monster.
 New PC - smokie
It is headphone drum kit, but its like a full size one - better than those pads maybe. I very occasionally hook it up to an old music centre though. Banished to the garage but she still moans about the dull thuds when I play.
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 New PC - Dog
You should have bought my place smokie - no close neighbours plus a self-contained annexe.

Did you notice my guitars when you 'looked around'? I have a vintage Ovation acoustic,
a Fender acoustic, a Fender Strat, and a Gibson 335.

I've been playing guitars since I was 15 and can play quite well, but I'd rather watch the pros on YT these days TBH. Plus the fact this property takes up a lot of our time in DIY and gardening.

I used to knock about with another guitarist and a drummer back in the 70s, we used to practise quite regularly in a studio. The drummer seemed to play the same beat to everything we played!
 New PC - Crankcase
Here you go, Dog. Guitar boy.
Last edited by: Crankcase on Tue 20 Sep 22 at 20:01
 New PC - Dog
Pretty damn cool Cc. This is one of my favourite YT guitarists:
 New PC - smokie
I reckon if I'd lived somewhere with a separate building I could practice in like yours Dog, I'd be a good drummer by now. Yep, I did spot the guitars, nice collection!! My son-in-law has loads of guitars but I'm not sure any are classics.
 New PC - Dog
Perhaps we could form a band smokie - Cc could play with his organ. It could be made into a monster if we all pull together as a team.

Oh by the way, which one's Pink?

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