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 Diverting/Forwarding Email - Fullchat
Just a random thought and thinking ahead. Tapping into our IT knowledge of which I have little :/

We are currently living within the catchment area of what used to be the only private telephone company, Kingston Communications (now Kcom), which is somewhat of a monopoly. BT have been frustrated in their attempts to infiltrate the area.

Anyhows the email address is Karoo being their internet arm.

So we move away from the Karoo catchment area and of course our email address would have to change. However everyone has our current email.

Is their some method, like post redirection, of linking an old email address to a new one?

 Diverting/Forwarding Email - Zero
You will be able to access your email on your current email server (karoo) when you move ISP, albeit they might charge you a monthly fee for a while.

In the mean time you obtain yourself a new "portable" email. ie You can then set up autoforwarding in your pc email client, and/or autoreply giving peeps your new email addy.

then you can dump your old email karoo server and use your portable one, and never have this problem again
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 Diverting/Forwarding Email - Fullchat
Obliged :)
 Diverting/Forwarding Email - smokie
Or go the whole hog and see if is available them you can have as many names as you like I think I pay about £15 a year for my .com domains and forward them wherever you like.
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