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Bit of a self deprecating post.....we don’t make good bedmates.

5 years ago I bought an all singing all dancing Samsung TV at a knock down price due to slight cosmetic damage.
I have two other considerably older, and smaller, TVs in the house and it always puzzled me why they received TV channels I couldn’t get on the ‘new’ TV. Re tuning once a year never altered the situation.

No big deal...they were channels like Dave, Yesterday, Pick etc. Today an acquaintance installed a more modern alarm system and I casually mentioned it.
He unplugged the aerial from the back of my (very old) DVD player, plugged it into a small Samsung box which does stuff, and if like magic.....

Apparently something about certain channels not getting to the TV via the olde DVD player.

He’s advised me to get a new cheap HD DVD player and bin the olde one....duly done....I can see myself binge watching Breaking Bad again in the first few weeks after my new hip is installed late November.
 Technology and I - Falkirk Bairn
At a cost £20+ new - Amazon Firestick - 2nd hand even cheaper.

Easy access to a myriad of channels and "some people" can access to "channels that require subscriptions" there are routes via the Firestick that can be downloaded!!
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