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 Broadband deals - legacylad
Is it ever worth changing at end of contract unless you’ve had abysmal service resolving a problem ?

Years ago I was with TalkTalk....awful service, so via Plusnet I’ve ended up with EE. Single occupancy household, copper wire from the cabinet so no point paying extra for fibre, don’t need super fast downloads, currently 27/30 Mbps.

My contract is up end September...£22 and a bit to renew, no phone package, and that includes a discount because I have a mobile contract with EE. A quick glance at comparison sites shows much cheaper deals, which include £100/125 vouchers for new customers, equating to £16.79 with Vodaphone and £12.71pcm with Shell Energy.

I’d save 3 pints a month...better the devil you know ? At least with EE you get to speak to someone in the UK. Eventually.
 Broadband deals - Bromptonaut
If it's rural with no choice of fibre to the premises then realistically you're depending on Openreach who deliver the service downstream of the exchange.

If there's a fault it's most likely to be in the Openreach structure and not that directly run by your ISP.

I'm with PlusNet too. On the odd occasion I have an issue I get a quick reply from somebody in the UK. I guess they're better placed to deal with Openreach than a script jockey in Bangalore.

Who provides Shell's customer service?

How close will Plusnet/EE go to price match Shell?

A tenner a month seems a bit much for a customer service premium but OTOH as I work at home I need good internet.
 Broadband deals - legacylad
The stuff you learn...Shell Energy bought First Utility and later took over the Post Office BB & telephony.
Seems their customer service is only open 8-5, five days a week and I don’t know where it’s based.
To be fair to EE, when I returned from Spain in April my landline was not working. I tried the usual stuff, contacted EE who promised a visit from an OpenReach engineer within a certain timescale. This didn’t happen, I complained and duly received a small amount of daily compensation, deducted from my monthly DD.
A tenner a month saving isn’t, for me, worth the risk of getting a new contract with a BB provider with potentially sub standard customer service. Now I’ve got my bus pass I save considerably over a tenner a month on fares.
A worthwhile exercise though checking out alternatives....
 Broadband deals - Zero
Shell is universally derided as useless on all fronts. Avoid.
 Broadband deals - legacylad
Thanks Z
I’ll renew my contract with EE.
At least I can speak to someone in the U.K., and was reasonably happy in them resolving my earlier problem when my landline failed...there was easy, stress fee communication between myself, EE and OpenReach. Which counts for a lot.

ps. My brother has recently had a long trip with a friend who owns a 540 Touring. He’s mightily impressed. Can’t compare it to his Subaru Levorg.
 Broadband deals - Zero

>> ps. My brother has recently had a long trip with a friend who owns a
>> 540 Touring. He’s mightily impressed. Can’t compare it to his Subaru Levorg.

Its more or less 5 years old now, done 66k miles, all 65,850 of them have been fab and I cant think of any conceivable reason why I would change it.

(150 miles from Norwich to home in more traffic than I have ever seen in my life)
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