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 Apple software updates - legacylad
Ned Lud here....

I read about possible Apple products being liable to hacking so updated my iphone 12 to Software Version 15.6.1

My old iPad indicates that ‘ your software is up to date’ with 12.5.5.

Is this because it’s an olde type Ipad unable to download the latest version ?

Maybe I should buy a newer iPad ?’s donkeys years old. It’s an IPad Air 5 with 128 GB
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 Apple software updates - legacylad
Under ‘Settings’ it says it’s an iPad (5).....can’t be as researching that shows it was launched in 2022.

It’s a model A1474, which Google says was launched in late 2013
 Apple software updates - Zero
A1474 Highest supported operating system iOS 12.5.5 (Sep 2021)

(PS I wouldn't put it past Apple to make this stuff up to drive sales)

New one? If it works? no. Just be sensible on line, which is a rule regardless of what level software you are on
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 Apple software updates - Crankcase
As zero says, "if it works". Be aware some stuff will stop working as time goes on.

I have an older iPad than that (built 2011), and a couple of years ago some apps stopped launching and said "you need to update this", and took me to the Apple store for that app.

Clicking update then told me I needed a later OS than I had to run the app. And of course, you can't update the OS.
 Apple software updates - legacylad
Thanks Zero & Crankcase for your replies.
I’ll keep on with the old Ipad....I’ve even taken it out of the Otter case and given it a clean today

Just out of curiosity I’ll check out the latest Ipads, but no great reason to change at the moment.
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