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 Win CE6 error message - VxFan
I was wondering if any of you computer bods could help with this one?

My aftermarket stereo in the car uses the Win CE6 operating system, which among other things has Bluetooth, media player, and Sat Nav.
It's a similar system to this one. (this is the later model)

When it tries to boot up I get the following message on the touch screen.

"application start.exe encountered a serious error and must shut down"

The touch screen still works, as I can see the "ok" and "x" boxes in the corner of the message respond, but the message doesn't go away.

I've tried a factory reboot via the pin hole in the corner of the cowling. I've tried disconnecting the car battery for half an hour, and also holding my finger on the "ok" and "x" before powering up the unit.

Not much info via a Google search.

The reversing camera still works, but that's about it. The car stereo still works as it's the factory fit one and uses the aftermarket unit's screen to mirror what was on the original factory fit screen, which is now hidden behind the dash somewhere. Trouble is, I no longer have any info displayed on the aftermarket screen, other than this error message. I've lost the time/date, radio stations, CD tracks, and climate control indicated settings from the controls elsewhere on the dash.

Not sure what to do, other than remove it and reinstate the original display for now, and then think about buying an android unit instead, which will have loads more features on it.
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 Win CE6 error message - Zero
CE6? Blimey thats old.

Essentially it means it cant find one of the devices in its startup.

Fixes are to take it apart and check that everything is still connected internally and externally, if so the OS will need to be reloaded if the device has the facility and you can get the source code.

Think its time for that android update.
 Win CE6 error message - VxFan
>> CE6? Blimey thats old.

Yeah, I had it installed shortly after buying the car back in 2015. Up until now it's been 99% faultless, apart from the occasional Bluetooth glitch.

I do have an executable file on a memory stick that "unlocks" the hard drive to update the sat nav mapping. IIRC to access it though, you do so via the menu button on the touch screen, which isn't booting up to that stage.

Cheers for the advice so far though. Looks like a job for the weekend.
 Win CE6 error message - VxFan
>> Fixes are to take it apart and check that everything is still connected internally and externally,

Pretty much impossible internally. Every PCB is connected together with micro ribbon cables. From experience, I know what a nightmare these are to remove the ribbon from the connecting blocks, let along trying to push them back in again.

I took out the micro SD card, cleaned the contacts and blew air duster down the hole. Not a lot else I could do really.

Someone did suggest plugging a mouse or keyboard into one of the USB sockets in case the touch screen has gone out of calibration, or not responding as not booting up properly. I only have cordless mice and keyboards at home. They did suggest using a wired USB one as would be better to try and send a signal to the "OK" box on the screen. That will have to wait until next week when I'm back at work.

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