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 Misrembered Mac? - Crankcase
I used to be in IT. I recall playing with the first Apple Lisa. Over the years I saw Macs evolve.

I have a faint memory that at one point Apple said a new feature was coming. If you made repeated actions, either with the mouse or the keyboard, after a few it would say "I know what you want here" and offer to continue for you, I imagine offering a counter of some sort.

I don't recall ever actually seeing that.

Have I dreamt this? I'm guessing it would be at least 25 to 30 years ago now!
 Misrembered Mac? - T junction
Likewise I have played with a Lisa, was working for an Apple dealer when the Macs were announced. I have used Macs continuously since then and don't remember encountering that feature.
 Misrembered Mac? - zippy
I seem to remember something similar on Microsoft Office products in the late '90s early 2000s.

Something along the lines of "it looks like you're writing a letter, let me help you with that" in Word and in Excel along the lines of "it looks like you're creating a list,...."
 Misrembered Mac? - T junction
Ah the dreaded Paper Clip! Hated that thing. Who needs help writing a 2 line letter?
Likewise the automatic lists, fine, until you try to edit them then it all seems to go wrong.
 Misrembered Mac? - Crankcase
Well, yes, you've reminded me of this ANCIENT 19 second video of course. Very sweary but still makes me smile.

Ah, well, I guess I either dreamt it or it never materialised.

What DID materialise were those terrible Next (was it NeXT?) computers, which seemed so clever at the time. They would (gasp) TALK to you. Though largely that was a smarmy female American voice bellowing over the office "Printer is out of paper. Printer is out of paper. Printer is out of paper...." pretty well forever.

Even when the printer, obviously, was not out of paper.

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 Misrembered Mac? - Zero
>> Ah the dreaded Paper Clip!

Clippy. "Ooo looks like you are writing a letter"
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