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 AMD CPU Warranty - tyrednemotional it isn't on topic, I've avoided following this up on my "bike ride" thread, but I mentioned on there that in the middle of my other misfortunes, my main PC had died abruptly.

I strongly suspected the motherboard from the way it went, but lengthy investigations finally identified the CPU.

Having got there, and not wanting to be without the machine, I decided to replace it like-for-like. (which I have done, successfully).

The failed CPU was an AMD Ryzen 5 5600G, and this replaced a 2400G about 8 months ago, as the latter was one of the most recent CPUs not to support Win11 (not that I've gone there yet).

Along with other bits hanging around, that was used cheaply to build a decent spec PC for my SiL, whose previous one had just died.

At 8 months old, the failed CPU was in warranty, and I mulled over the disruption of putting in a claim, but decided, with time on my hands, I had little to lose.

I have to say, I'm glad I didn't wait before replacing the CPU. 16 days after the failure, I'm in the throes of having the CPU picked up by courier to go to the AMD RMA centre in the Netherlands. God knows how much longer any response is going to take!

I've been through endless loops of emails, repeatedly asking for the same info, requesting a picture of the failed CPU mounted in the motherboard (good luck with that, I ain't taking it apart again now it's working). Invoice details, inside leg measurement, etc. etc.

Finally got return authorisation via an email with broken links to return information, conflicting advice on how to return, etc. (In fact, the return process is easy, they've booked me a consignment at their cost via DHL, and it will be picked up at my request - the information sent, however, contradicts much of that and tells me I have to take it to a DHL centre).

Frankly, I'm not too concerned, other than on principle. I suspect the best resolution I can expect is another CPU (and I don't need one). I doubt they're going to refund the monetary value.

(If I do end up with a replacement CPU, however, I suspect SiL's PC will be in for an upgrade.

The process is all so amateurish, though.
 AMD CPU Warranty - Zero
I'm sure it's not as amateurish as Blink technical support, who after three weeks of replying "It's been 72 hours since our last email is it working" every 72 hours to the specific question "can you use special characters in the blink synch module password after the code is updated" now get replies from me " You are all useless go away"

"It's been 72 hours since our last reply, is it working yet"
 AMD CPU Warranty - tyrednemotional
...well, it seems to have been worth it. Had an email this morning confirming that it had passed (failed?) their inspection and to expect a replacement to arrive within the next week.

S-i-L will be pleased ;-) (unless I put it on eBay c£170 current price after all)

The failed processor was picked up by DHL at 14:00, and was with AMD in their RMA centre in The Netherlands mid-morning the next day. I did have to print two copies of the customs declaration form for the pickup driver, but other than that, surprisingly it doesn't appear to have been "Brexited". (having it picked up by a driver from DHL East Midlands Airport, from whence it exited these shores probably helped expedite things).
 AMD CPU Warranty - smokie
Despite how annoying it is when stuff fails, I quite like the feeling of a successful warranty claim. Not that I do many...
 AMD CPU Warranty - tyrednemotional
..replacement arrived today. S-i-L is primed.

(I must admit, I mainly did it for the principle, though I suppose I could have eBayed it, for £130 or North thereof).
 AMD CPU Warranty - zippy
>> "It's been 72 hours since our last email is it working" every 72 hours

One a year, since 2015 or 2016, I get a holding email from a hire car company (Europcar) telling me that they are still looking in to my complaint!

 AMD CPU Warranty - Biggles
Presumably the annual letter will stop once the 6 year limitation period for suing them has passed.
 AMD CPU Warranty - zippy
>> Presumably the annual letter will stop once the 6 year limitation period for suing them
>> has passed.

Probably, though as my employer booked the car and paid, I have only a very small interest in the outcome.
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