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 Strange faults - Ambo
Strange faults

I’ve never experienced this before. When trying to connect with almost any site online I get about 20 lines of text, so tiny they can’t be made out even with a magnifying glass. They last for a few seconds then give me access normally to the selected site. In particular cases (Amazon, bank) they don’t occur.

In others they don’t shift for ages, before informing me that they are timing out. They display Checking, Checking of proxy and Running Windows Networks Diagnostics but, being checked out, they don’t work, neither did they appear beforehand. Defender did not signal any virus, neither did Malwarebytes.

On her different computer, Mrs. Ambo had two unusual encounters. She got no lines of text but her bank would not connect at all and John Lewis connected but would not proceed further.

Maybe the weather is responsible for our problems?

 Strange faults - Zero
reboot your devices, and your router.

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