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 Tablet authentication problem - bathtub tom
I've just changed my ISP to Shell broadband. I can't set up my tablet. It finds the router OK, but when I enter the password, I get the message 'authentication error'. I've double and triple checked the password, SWMBO's done the same.

The router's a technicolor DGA0122, new with the ISP change. PC works fine.

Any suggestions?
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 Tablet authentication problem - Zero
Shell Broadband? Technicolour router? blimey we are not risk averse now are we, well at least you will find out if their support is any good.

Try using the 2.4ghz wifi channel and not the 5ghz one.
 Tablet authentication problem - sherlock47
or try disabling the 5GHz Wifi on the router.
 Tablet authentication problem - bathtub tom
I'll have to google how to get into admin on the router. It didn't come with much in the way of instructions!
 Tablet authentication problem - smokie
You normally just type it's IP address into your browser e.g. then there will be a login page. The login details are often printed on a label on the device.
 Tablet authentication problem - VxFan
Try a factory reset of the router, in case it's a previous customers return, and they changed the default password to something else.

Usually it's either a small button on the rear, or a small hole where you insert an unfolded paperclip and press a button.
 Tablet authentication problem - bathtub tom
Cracked it. SWMBO had been loading an app and somehow input the wrong password into gmail. I gave the tablet a reset to factory settings and started from scratch.
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