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 Laptop missing network adapter - Windows 10 - zippy
I made the mistake of buying my elderly parents (about the age of some of you lot :-) but not so computer literate) a laptop 9 years and 11 months ago.

I make sure its got up to date virus checker but that's about it.

I popped around to day to deliver a fathers day present and dad said the laptop won't connect to the internet.

The router is working and gets a good signal (about 6 meters from the laptop).

The laptop keeps showing it's in airplane mode and I managed to get the show available networks and connected it to the router via WiFi by re-entering the WiFi password etc.

It worked until the laptop was rebooted and now it won't show available networks.

The detect network problems didn't find any and no adapters are shown. Any ideas on resolving this please?

I am thinking about getting an ethernet cable and running it to the router but as it's not showing any adapters I am not sure that this will work.

Any pointer appreciated!

 Laptop missing network adapter - Windows 10 - tyrednemotional
Not sure it entirely matches your description, but worth a look:
 Laptop missing network adapter - Windows 10 - zippy
>> Not sure it entirely matches your description, but worth a look:

Thanks, I had tried that but it keeps stopping.
 Laptop missing network adapter - Windows 10 - tyrednemotional would (probably) keep stopping if it couldn't find a physical wireless adapter.

Clutching at straws a bit, but where are you not seeing any adapter(s).

I'd be looking in device manager, checking for the presence of the appropriate adapter, and also if it is in a "problem state".

If there is no such adapter in device manager, then I'd be checking all the other trees in there for problem devices.

If either of the above is the case, (re-)installing the manufacturer's latest driver might just remedy it.

If there are neither problem device(s) or an adapter in a problem state, then a hardware issue is the most likely diagnosis. (though not guaranteed).
 Laptop missing network adapter - Windows 10 - Zero
10 years old?

Bin it, buy them a chromebook.
 Laptop missing network adapter - Windows 10 - smokie
Funny that, I have an old Dell and that stopped seeing the WiFi (not the adapter though) yesterday. After wasting a few hours trying a lot of things I rolled it back to an image from a few weeks ago and it worked. I suspect a Windows update broke it. I'm just re-applying the update as we speak so will know later whether it is OK.

You can buy a USB WiFi adapter for a few quid which might work. Cheap - not great for gaming but adequate for most use. Like this
 Laptop missing network adapter - Windows 10 - smokie
After putting the updates on again, my laptop was still working, so I'm not sure why it failed (but I now have a notion it may have been my VPN with it's knicks in a twist)
 Laptop missing network adapter - Windows 10 - sherlock47
If in doubt, read the instructions!

 Laptop missing network adapter - Windows 10 - smokie
Yes, fair point, but it was just an example of a possible solution rather than a recommendation to buy...
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 Laptop missing network adapter - Windows 10 - Falkirk Bairn
I would unplug router and router cables from the router. Pull out the phone lead and then lead from the router to the phone socket.

Reconnect cables and then plug a network cable into the back of the router ( you probably were given a short network cable with the router when it was new)

If this gives you stable access to the internet you have a point to start investigating.

I had intermittent problems with my new PC - turns out it was a new faceplate installed by the phone company was dodgy. They then fitted another, upgraded faceplate with separate phone & data sockets - no need to filters all around the house.

Solved the problems - I had been threatened by the phone company that "no fault" found would cost me £120 call out charge. I said, if that is the case, I would cancel the contract as it did not work and move to AN Other supplier.
 Laptop missing network adapter - Windows 10 - zippy
Many thanks for all your help and suggestions!

I can confirm the router is fine. Their sky box and my phone connects to it flawlessly.

I still can’t get the to remember the router or password and most times it can’t find any networks!

So I have jerry fitted an Ethernet cable and that works fine.

I will find a USB stick so I can back the laptop up at the weekend and re-install Windows to see if that works.
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