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 Bitcoin mining trojan - bathtub tom
I've somehow contracted one (searchapp.exe) that's managed to bypass windows defender and nvg. Malwarebytes and hitmanpro have both failed to deal with it. It's using lots of cpu, slowing my pc. It appears in task manager under feeds-search applications.
Anyone suggest how I can get rid of it?
 Bitcoin mining trojan - smokie
It may not be a Trojan. A Google search shows many have had the same problem since a February Windows update.

One easy thing to try is to disable Cortana =

Ctrl/alt/del to go to task manager
Click the Startup tab
Right click on Cortana and disable it.

I'm not sure what you'll lose by having it disabled. If it turns out to be significant then maybe there's another fix. Or maybe that won't fix it!

The Microsoft bug will probably be fixed in a future update...
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 Bitcoin mining trojan - bathtub tom
I can't follow your instructions.
There isn't a startup tab in task manager that I can see, it's always in the bottom left corner in a windows icon.
I can get cortana in settings that gives the options of terminate, repair, and reset. There's an uninstall option that's greyed out.
I terminated her and task manager shows the cpu drop to zero for feed. The pc's picked up a little. I'll try a reboot.
Thanks for your help.
 Bitcoin mining trojan - tyrednemotional
>> There isn't a startup tab in task manager that I can see......

I have Cortana disabled by choosing not to have it start automatically with Windows. That shows it as "disabled" in the "Startup" tab in Task Manager as mentioned above, but I achieved that state via the Windows Settings.

Settings/Startup Apps and turn Cortana off.

(Hit Windows Key or Taskbar Icon, type "Startup" anywhere on the screen, and that will also get you there).
 Bitcoin mining trojan - Zero
Its not a trojan, thats a windows executable. One of the latest MS updates changed it to incorporate it tighter into the OS and removing it will cause issues.

Its being invoked by something else. See what else is using CPU.

 Bitcoin mining trojan - bathtub tom
Since terminating her, the CPU's down to 10%, which is nearly all due to Firefox and task manager.
 Bitcoin mining trojan - tyrednemotional
...but it is likely to come back if it/she (choose your pronoun :-) ) starts when Windows starts - see above to inhibit.
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