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 Network Settings - Bromptonaut
On 01-04-22 I was TUPE transferred from one Citizens Advice to another.

The new employer has given me a laptop with a Horizon Softphone installed.

Since then I've had problems where I'm being dropped from ongoing calls. If, as many are, it's a 3 way with DWP my client and the DWP agent are still in the call.

A bit of investigation has ascertained that I'm being timed out around 30mins into a call.

Our IT provider has come back to be suggesting it's an issue on my router. The message as relayed to me is:

Some routers have been reported to close NAT pinholes despite Horizon phones sending keep alives every 45 seconds. To protect against this occurring, it is recommended that UDP NAT Timeout on the router is set higher than the SIP registration refresh interval for Horizon phones. That is higher than 572 seconds.

I cannot find the setting referred to in my Netgear router's menu. The only thing near is: Disable SIP ALG

Can anyone more of an IT wizz than I am provide useful advice?
 Network Settings - Manatee
Have you seen this?
 Network Settings - Bromptonaut
>> Have you seen this?

Thanks Manatee; I think that explains it.

I'll read>mark>learn and check for any downsides.
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