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 Can't Print Emails - Robbie34
My Canon printer won't print emails or text from Word.
I thought it might be the print heads clogged and have cleaned them but the fault remains.
I can print photos and I printed a calendar page.
I'm stumped and I have no idea what is wrong.
It seems to be printing the email but the page emerges totally blank.
Any ideas what might be wrong?
The printer is a Canon Pixma TS8150 and I'm running Windows 10.
 Can't Print Emails - zippy
It sounds like a printer driver problem.

Try getting the latest drivers from the Canon website and reinstall them.
 Can't Print Emails - Fullchat
My old Canon Pixma displayed an error code on the printer when the print heads were blocked.
 Can't Print Emails - Manatee
If a driver update doesn't do it, try removing and reinstalling the printer (in Settings/Devices/Printers and Scanners).
 Can't Print Emails - Pezzer
As a short term fix could you change the e-mail text colour to say blue and then print out in colour ? I have a Canon Pixma printer which has separate cartridges for Colour and Black? If yours is the same have you tried changing the black cartridge ?
 Can't Print Emails - VxFan
Printing a test page should indicate if any of the colours are missing.
 Can't Print Emails - Robbie34
Thanks for your suggestions. I have removed the printer and done a reinstall with the latest drivers but I have the same problem. In the circumstances I have ordered a new Canon Mega Tank from John Lewis.
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