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 Streaming services & WiFi speeds - legacylad
I’ve never had any ‘pay to view’ services on my TV, which is quite new and HD Smart.
Presumably you need reasonably fast BB speeds to make it worthwhile paying for Netflix HD streaming, rather than 720 or 1080 ?
My download speed is averaging 35 this sufficient for HD streaming please ?
 Streaming services & WiFi speeds - tyrednemotional
I think you've got your "Netflix terminology" a bit mangled, but see:

It rather indicates that you should be OK for UHD (HD is 720/1080) and definitely HD.

Buffering is obviously possible in almost all circumstances depending on the specific aggregate demand at any time.

 Streaming services & WiFi speeds - smokie
On your smart telly just try watching ITV or BBC (registration require but that's all) and see how good it looks.

I expect Netflix do a free trial anyway.
 Streaming services & WiFi speeds - Falkirk Bairn
I can get UHD on Sky Football - my average speed (no fibre in area) is 5Mbps

A few years back BBC had a trial of a UHD via Broadband and said their system needed 10Mbps.
A son had 12 Mbps and got a BBC picture (he now has fibre). With my 5Mbps I got interference.

Prime, Netflix and Apple work satisfactorily most of the time although sometimes the problem is at the likes of Apple and nobody gets anything.

Last Thursday Apple had issues for about 5 hours everything in the "Apple World" fell apart except Apple phone network which was immune
 Streaming services & WiFi speeds - Stuartli
>>My download speed is averaging 35 this sufficient for HD streaming please ?>>

More than enough and for UHD as well (providing other family members aren't also using up lots of bandwidth).

Try the BBC's iPlayer app on your TV and check out one of the drama series which are streamed in both HD and UHD (it's clear which ones are the latter). You may need to check out the Settings configuration first to choose the Beta version of iPlayer.
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