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 Mobile network choices - ideas/experience? - Manatee
Soon we move back to our old plot in a village, where we have built a new house. Problem is that the mobile networks are all poor there for 4G and, at times, phone calls. The house has made it worse, every outside wall has insulated panels covered in "silver paper" which means as often as not that I need to go outside to make or receive a call. The least bad networks are O2 and Vodafone, with Vodafone having a slight if inconsistent edge.

Both our mobiles are on giffgaff which doesn't offer wifi calling. O2 and Voda do but not on PAYG. And there's no guarantee they will work with any phone unless it's on their list. In the past I've found wifi calling inconsistent too.

Are signal boosters any good?

Any advice or experience welcome.
 Mobile network choices - ideas/experience? - James Loveless
"Both our mobiles are on giffgaff which doesn't offer wifi calling."

You can download WhatsApp, which will give you wi-fi calls - provided the people you're trying to contact have WhatsApp too, of course, which may not work for you.
 Mobile network choices - ideas/experience? - Manatee
Good point, for family and friends. But presumably they'd have to initiate the call using WA?
 Mobile network choices - ideas/experience? - VxFan
When you call someone via WhatsApp (or Facebook messenger, Facetime, Snapchat, and countless other Apps that allow calls) providing they have the same App on their phone, it will automatically prompt them to open the App to speak with whoever is calling.
 Mobile network choices - ideas/experience? - smokie
I know you don't have to accept the video bit but often I don't really need to see who I'm speaking to, and it does depend on you being appropriately dressed/not still having breakfast at 11am/going for a pee during a call etc etc :-)
 Mobile network choices - ideas/experience? - Crankcase
I use 1p mobile, which offers WiFi calling and PAYG.

works well for me.
 Mobile network choices - ideas/experience? - Zero
>> Are signal boosters any good?

The good ones (intelligent active multi operator cell tower aggregators) are, mostly at the moment, illegal*, OFCOM may license some by the end of 2022, but dont hold your breath and they are expensive.

The other, passive re radiator types, are pretty much useless, specially if - as in your case - your outside coverage is poor.

An internet connected femtocell is probably the best option. If its important enough to worry that your current sim supplier doesn't support it, then its important enough to change.

*only if you get caught of course.
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