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 Laptop failing? - Manatee
I have had a Thinkpad T430 that I bought as 'renewed' 3 years ago for c. £280. It has 16GB memory, 250GB SSD.

It's the best personal laptop I have ever had, far better than the consumer ones and I thought it was indestructible (it's had several drop tests).

Loose screen connector, or does it sound characteristic of something more serious?

The screen when I turn it on is green.
 Laptop failing? - tyrednemotional
..could be any number of things, but I'd have a go at hooking it up to an external monitor, which, if it works, would point a finger more firmly at internal screen and any associated connection(s).
 Laptop failing? - Falkirk Bairn
Ribbon cables passing from base to screen via the hinges are known weaknesses in most laptops.
In my laptop history over 25 years there are have 3 or 4.

Last one I watched the chap do the job at work - dozens of screws - he had obviously done it a good few times - about 30 minutes and it was fixed
 Laptop failing? - Zero
Its not difficult or impossible to fix, Lenovo T's - as commercial laptops - are built to be fixed. You just need patience and a YouTube guidance video
 Laptop failing? - John Boy
>> You just need patience and a YouTube guidance video
 Laptop failing? - Manatee
>> Its not difficult or impossible to fix, Lenovo T's - as commercial laptops - are
>> built to be fixed. You just need patience and a YouTube guidance video

You were quite right. I was going to try a separate monitor but as it turns out to be a matter of unclipping the display frame and removing 4 screws, I did that and exposed the ribbon cable connection on the back. It's held in by a bit of sticky plastic film, and a decade of opening and shutting the laptop had worked it out about half a millimetre. Peeled back the film, pushed it back in, stuck the film back down with a bit of sellotape over it for reinforcement and presto, it works.

Environmentally sound and saved £300. Thank you all for the encouragement. I was a bit glum last night as I am busy just now, but it was quicker to fix than shopping for a new one.
 Laptop failing? - Fullchat
Result! Can I send you my Lenovo laptop? Half the keyboard has decided not to work :/
 Laptop failing? - tyrednemotional
...I have a 9 year old, small (12") ThinkPad specifically purchased for my travels. It is not the fastest of m/cs now, but is built like a brick outhouse, and every internal part is easily accessible. (It has had memory augmented, and the HDD replaced by an SSD, both by me).

I wish I could buy a similar quality replacement, but a recent Lenovo consumer-oriented m/c I repaired for a friend was much more challenging, being built almost completely out of very brittle Chinesium, with none of the major components easily accessible, and a disassembly process designed to break the larger case components.

My ThinkPad can soldier on until Win10 is no longer supported (and possibly longer).
 Laptop failing? - Manatee
Lenovo did produce some ThinkPad-branded laptops that to my mind were just badged up consumer ones. I've had a couple. They were OK for the money but but were falling apart at 3 years old. The first one even had hinges made of metal, but unfortunately what they were attached to wasn't. Hence my spending the money or slightly less last time on a 7 year old renewed T430 which I haven't regretted.

Lenovo seems to have realised that applying 'ThinkPad' to cheap stuff was doing it no good and appear to have stopped it.
 Laptop failing? - Biggles
What is a "m/c"?
 Laptop failing? - tyrednemotional
...machine .
 Laptop failing? - martin aston
I was interested to read Manatee’s passing comment re “drop tests”. Back in the day I was involved in the purchase of large numbers of laptops. Thinkpads were very robust and actually performed very well in drop tests. In some respects they were close to some ruggedised models.

We kept this quiet from our field engineers who would have used them as mallets if they thought they would stand it.

 Laptop failing? - Zero
Didnt survive a colleague of mine using it as a base spreader for the jack on his car. It was on on soft ground and "the only way I could fix the flat and get home"
 Laptop failing? - martin aston
They should have looked for a hard drive.
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