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 New problem with email - Ambo
I have Outlook and BT. This works for existing email address book entries but will not allow new ones. These seem to register but on attempting to re-open them I get the message, “We couldn’t find what you were looking for”.

I have skip this approach and type in addressees’s details manually. What is likely to cause this problem please?

 New problem with email - Falkirk Bairn
There is a MS problem - all to do with anti-malware
The large version numbers exceeded 2^31 and caused problems Y22K?

If you do not use MS anti-malware and use a 3rd party software you will be unaffected

MS hope to have it fixed in a few days after testing.
 New problem with email - smokie
You're probably right but I can only find references to that being an issue with Exchange and to do with mail delivery rather than address books.
 New problem with email - Ambo
You were right. I had an IT expert check various things for me this morning and he found an MS announcement saying they have not yet sorted the problem.

I can't recall the many steps the expert took but he solved it himself!

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