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The cheeky so and so's at IPV renewed my subscription with them, despite me making sure the auto-renewal box was unticked just after I joined last year.

Apparently there is another box hidden somewhere else in the cancellations menu that I hadn't unticked!!

Anyway, a quick phone call to them saying that I wasn't happy being charged $79.99 (£62.15) without my permission and had to to use the "I'm thinking of cancelling and leaving you" trick.

I also mentioned that I had recently seen an advert mentioning that they were offering 2 years for $69.98, so why should I pay more for only 1 year?

Quick as a flash, the girl on the other end of the phone said they had a slightly better deal than that. $66.76 (£51.69) for 2 years.

Deal done.

Why is it we have to haggle these days, regardless whether it be gas, electric, insurance, phone, etc renewal?

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