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 MS OneDrive - legacylad
I keep receiving emails about my OneDrive being inactive and will soon be deleted....I’d never heard of it, thought it may be a scam, but googling shows that such a thing exists.

I only use an older Ipad and newer Iphone, my desktop hasn’t been used for years, don’t have XBox, Skype, Hotmail.

Should I be bothered ? Admittedly I’m pretty hopeless with such things, despite trying to understand. We just don’t get on.

Now outdoor gear...I’ve a wealth of useless knowledge and can spend hours looking at new kit.
Sad but true.
 MS OneDrive - Manatee
Have you an email address? Or a I think you probably have a free onedrive by default. It's pretty hard not to open a microsoft account now when setting up a new windows device so maybe that's where it came from. If you can unearth the email account, log in and see what happens.

I use both onedrive and google drive.The last copy of office I bought was 2010, I just have a onedrive/Microsoft365 sub now that gives me office and something like a 1TB of space. All my files are in the cloud. It's hard not to be in somebody's eco-system and I find all Apple stuff even more frustrating.

At one point I was going to bin Google and go MS but Windows Phone flopped:(
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