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 E Buyer, No Buyer - Robbie34
I tried to buy a Samsung 4K 27 inch monitor on E Buyer today and had to give it up as a bad job.
They have a weird system of you needing to register before the checkout, and when I checked out as a guest it indicated that I had an account. I bought something from E Buyer well over ten years ago and had forgotten any details. Entered my e mail address got an email to change my password, which I did. Went to checkout to pay and it said my account was closed. I spoke to customer support who said she would sort it. Happened again and spoke to customer support once more. She couldn't sort it and told me she would refer it to IT and get back once this was sorted. Needless to say, I bought the monitor from Amazon.
I fail to understand why companies want you to jump through all these hoops. I never register with a company unless I give them repeat orders. I'll never use E Buyer again even if I have to pay a few pounds extra, which I did with Amazon.

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